Monday 20 April 2015

McVitie's Sweeet Friends (and Sweeet Biscuits !)

We received a lovely surprise parcel in the post last week - a handy McVitie's shopping bag stuffed with some McVitie's Digestives AND Chocolate Digestives (yum !), along with two cuddly friends.

Sophie was the first person to lay eyes on the cute cuddly toys. "Ooooh can I have this one, he's such a cute puppy ? Oh no, I can't choose, the cat is sweet too - can I have both ?!" Just goes to show, you're never too old to fall in love with a cuddly toy !

Although she was equally taken with the biscuits when she saw those too !

If you're saying aaaaah too, never fear - you can get your hands on one of the cuddly friends too, with a bit of luck ! Until July 2015, the Sweeet Friends on-pack promotion gives consumers a one-in-ten chance of winning either the Chocolate Digestives Kitten, the Digestives Puppy, the BN Owl or the Jaffa Cakes Tarsier. The promotion will be featured on 35 million packs across nine core McVitie's sweeet biscuit and cake products. To find out if you're a winner, text the unique on-pack code from special promotional packs, or check out the various 'no purchase necessary' options on McVitie's website, social media and media promotions.

Which one is your favourite? I have a soft spot for the puppy, even if I think he bears more than a passing resemblance to Basil Brush !

Disclosure : We received the toys and biscuits as a surprise in the post. I was under no obligation to blog about them.

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