Friday 17 April 2015

What's Cooking at The Madhouse? menu plan 17/4/15

I feel another #KitchenClearout week coming on ! Time to dejunk the jars and packets that are lurking in the back of the cupboard.


lunch - homemade burgers with coleslaw and wedges

dinner - soup of some shape or form - maybe bacon and lentil, maybe Mexican black bean, maybe French onion soup - who knows ?! I might even dust off the bread machine for some homemade bread too


lunch - fingers crossed the weather's nice enough for the first BBQ of the year

dinner -  sandwiches or leftover soup


dinner - I have a jar of mild spiced curry sauce so probably chicken or maybe prawn curry with rice


dinner -  On to the next jar - Cha Cha Chinese Pineapple Glaze - sounds lovely with pork and stir fried veg


lunch - paella

dinner - Sticky Chinese BBQ Chicken with noodles and a veggie side (stir fried veg? coleslaw? salad?)


dinner - Deep South Brown Sugar Marinade on steak with baked potatoes and salad/coleslaw


dinner -  I have a shawarma seasoning mix so homemade kebabs are on the cards tonight, with wraps, salad and coleslaw

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  1. I've never made home-made burgers. I expect they'll be better than shop bought.


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