Wednesday 8 April 2015

Eco-friendly spring cleaning tips from Ecover

Fingers crossed, it looks like the warm spring weather is actually here to stay, for a while at least, but at the moment my grimy windows are spoiling the view of the clear blue skies outside. There's only one thing for it - I need to kick off the spring cleaning ! Ecover helped by sending through a selection of their green cleaning products to try out.

I started with their Multi-Action Wipes (RRP £2.20 for 40) - wipes probably aren't the most eco-friendy product on the market but at least these ones are compostable/biodegradable and use green ingredients to kill 99.9% of bacteria. Great for wiping over the toilet seat or high chairs, potties, plastic toys and anything else that needs quick, fuss-free cleaning. I love the Pomegranate and Lime fragrance too.

Next up was the Bathroom Cleaner (RRP £2.45), which promises to be tough on soap scum and bathroom grime. It got my bath and sink lovely and clean with zero effort but it didn't manage to tackle the limescale build-up on the shower stall (which I didn't expect it to) - there is a separate Ecover Limescale Spray available too.

Ahh, they must have heard me moaning about my windows ! Next was the Window and Glass Cleaner (RRP £2.65) which I used to clean off the grime before sucking it all up with my Karcher Window Vac - it was a match made in heaven and had my windows sparkling clean and, most importantly, streak free in no time. Also great on the mirrors around the house, and it seems to stop the bathroom mirror fogging up after my shower, which is a bonus !

Finally the Washing Up Liquid (RRP £1.50) with a pleasant, citrussy Grapefruit and Green Tea fragrance. As with most eco-friendly options, it's not quite as efficient as the non-green big brands but if you want to be kind to the planet, you should be prepared to make a few compromises. It's great for everyday washing up but I did need to keep reapplying it to the sponge to tackle the greasy Sunday roast gravy boat, dishes and roasting tin.

Ecover don't just have eco-friendly products on offer though - they also provided me with a whole series of sneaky green spring cleaning tips that avoid the use of nasty chemicals. I'll definitely be trying out some of these :

- Sprinkle baking soda in your hoover bag and shake, then wipe with a damp cloth to refresh your hoover.

- Do you cram your washing machine full? 80% full is actually the optimum and maintains the quality of your clothes.

- Top cleaning tip : divide and conquer (and reward the children for their hard work with an afternoon of family fun).

- Old clothes can make excellent cleaning cloths - the perfect accompaniment when using Ecover Window and Glass Spray or Multi-Action Spray.

- Squeeze, don't wring, your garments after washing. It will help your clothes keep their shape better.

- A simple and effective way to clean blinds is with vinegar, water and old socks.

- Keep cleaning products tidy by storing them in a shoe holder on a door (but make sure they are out of the reach of children).

- Do you put the seat down before you flush? It stops nasties getting on your clothes and spreading through the house.

- Did you know that you can use a banana skin to polish your silver? How clever is that ?!

Disclosure : I received the products in order to write an honest review.


  1. Some handy tips there, thanks for sharing these x

  2. Some great tips, my Mum used quite a few of them and showed me when I was younger but I do want to try the banana skin! My hubby loves his rag bag, all old clothes, unless good enough for charity shops get the chop! Ty for the review, I do use Ecover, we have a septic tank so it's not just about the environment for us. I love the smell of the pomegranate washing up liquid. Unfortunately it's not got the punch of other products but just means more elbow grease is needed!


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