Monday 6 April 2015

Madhouse diaries : The sun is out, and so are we !

The Easter Bunny wasn't the only thing to put in a much welcome appearance yesterday. We also got a visit from the sun. I couldn't resist grabbing the kids' scooters and heading off on a long walk - 13.75km to be precise, which is 8.5 miles. Not bad for little legs ! We split it up on the way by stopping off at all the playgrounds we passed.
And grabbing rests and snack stops from time to time.
Once we got to our destination, they stopped feeling tired and ran off to the big play area though (leaving me to carry the scooters - typical !). There was a big queue for the tyre swings so they shared !
Then spent ages playing hide and seek and chasing each other around the big castle climbing frame. I sat on a stone bench and ended up with a numb bum because it was so cold !
Time to get moving again ! We walked/scooted around the woodland walk and the huge duck pond.
But I had an ulterior motive because I knew there was a geocache on the way. Aha, this looks like a likely spot.
Pierre went and had a look.
 Bingo ! Some nice little treasures to swap over - a china cat, a plastic baby and a tiny kangaroo and tiger.
A final play on some different swings and it was time to head for home.
Save your energy Pierre - we've still got an hour's walk to get home !

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  1. The weather has been amazing this weekend hasnt it! Glad you managed to get out and enjoy it.


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