Wednesday 1 April 2015

The Naughty but Nice March Degustabox has arrived !

The Easter bunny's on his way and he was actually hiding in this month's Degustabox, which the postie dropped off last week. Unfortunately for you lot, it was a special bonus gift for the Degustabox bloggers so you won't get a Lindt bunny in your Degustabox, I'm afraid - sorry !

You will get a whole bundle of other naughty-but-nice things to sample inside though - this was a really popular box with lots of oohs and aahs and "can we try those now, mum?" comments as we unpacked the box. I always love boxes like this one that introduce us to new products from well-known brands and also some lesser known brands that we'd never heard of. 

So here's what was in this month's box :

Juiceburst (2 x RRP £1.25) - Juiceburst Cranberry ("cram-berry full of goodness") and Juiceburst Skinny Mango & Lime (only 99 calories) were in the box, but there are 14 flavours available in total. I'd never seen or heard of these before but we all loved the flavours so I'll be investigating the rest of the range, particularly the Skinny Ones, to keep the sugar/calories down to a reasonable level. They count towards your five a day which is always good to know too.

Crabbie's Fruits Alcoholic Raspberry & Rhubarb / Black Cherry ( 2 x £1.50) - Yum ! The first thing I tried from the box ! I've loved the other flavours of Crabbie's that we've received in previous boxes and these didn't disappoint. They have a lovely sweet, fruity flavour, perfect for chilling out in the garden waiting for the barbecue to cook (roll on summer !). They contain up to 10% fruit juice so you can even kid yourself that they're good for you !

Jordans Lighter Granola (RRP £3.69) - Jordans have come up with a granola that is 30% lower in fat while remaining high in fibre and still tasting great. We reviewed this a while ago and loved it (you can see what we thought here). It's great with milk or yogurt as well as used in flapjacks, apple crumble topping and muffins. Love the chewy, crunchy texture and the fruity taste.

 BBQUE (RRP £3.99) - I wouldn't have associated barbecues with Germany but this BBQUE sauce is from Bavaria. I would think of beer when I hear Bavaria though, and this sauce does contain some of that, along with cranberry, honey and apples. That sounds delicious so I'm reserving this for the first barbecue of the year, hopefully not too far in the future, and I'll be using it to marinade chicken thighs, pork chops and pork ribs. It can also be used as a dip and as it's a big bottle (393ml), there's plenty to get experimenting with. It smells lovely and smoky (and I dipped my finger in for a taste - it has a smoky but sweet flavour that is really nice).

 Lindt Lindor Mini Eggs (2 x £2) - With all the recent furore about Cadbury changing the chocolate in their Mini Eggs, maybe you're looking for a new fun-sized Easter treat. Well, I highly recommend the Lindt ones - they're delicious and you get a nice mix of milk, white and dark chocolate. I planned on using these to top Easter cupcakes but the kids (oh ok, and the grown-ups) polished off both bags before I could get my mixing bowl out !

 Bassetts Jelly Baby Berry Mix (£1.48) - A bag full of red, purple and pink (blackcurrant, raspberry and strawberry) jelly babies is what got the biggest oooh from the kids ! These are lovely but I don't know who decided these were the most popular flavours - I prefer the green ones ! You might like to build them some little cars using fun-sized milky ways and smarties like we did !

Maynards Sour Patch Kids (£1) - These are pleasantly sour sweets, not so stupidly sour they make you pull silly faces and swear to never eat them again though, because after the initial sour hit, you get the sweetness of the jelly sweet inside coming through. When you've overloaded on Easter chocolate, you might fancy some of these for a change ! The Madhouse kids loved the fact that they look like the Jelly Babies sugar-coated cousins.

 Kent's Kitchen Posh Noodles (RRP £1.75) - Basically a posh pot noodle, just add boiling water, stir and leave for a few minutes. I'm not very inspired by the thought of this one to be honest but I have loved the other Kent's Kitchen products that we've tried so I may be pleasantly surprised. Sophie's excited about eating this anyway so it's ideal for a quick and simple teen meal or something to keep in your drawer at work for a quick lunch. Spicy Szechuan flavour sounds nice and the fact that it only contains 222 calories is another bonus.

 Natvia Sweetener (£2) - Zero calories and made from 100% natural sources. What's not to like ?! The packaging says that it is great for tea and coffee but it can be used in anything, including baking. This is made from stevia, which we've tried before and which I was impressed with because it's versatile, natural and doesn't have a background taste.

 Brioche Pasquier Baked Bread Bites (2 x 50p) - A brand new product that hasn't even hit the shops yet. Each 20g bag contains under 90 calories and they're being marketed as a healthier alternative to crisps. They are lovely as a snack - the bacon flavour is delicious - but I'd prefer eating them sprinkled over soup or salad as croutons. 

The recipes in this month's box are for BBQUE Spare Ribs (great minds think alike!) and Double Chocolate Strawberry French Toast that isn't quite as naughty as it sounds because it uses the Natvia sweetener.

The total retail value of this month's box is £22.41 so the £12.99 subscription fee is great value, especially as you can use code 4DOQ7 to get a £3 discount at the checkout.

for more information :

Disclosure : I received a free box in order to write an honest review.


  1. That's a very yummy looking box this month, enjoy. x

  2. Hehe those little cars are so cute! this months box looks great! :) xx

  3. I'd go for the Sour Patch Kids! A nice little bundle of treats.


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