Sunday 31 March 2013

Sunday Weigh-in : It's Easter, aaaggghhh !

I knew this week wouldn't be ideal on the food front as I was working late most nights due to after school meetings and, on getting home at 8pm, I am in no mood for starting to cook from scratch. I was hoping for a no change this week and, having just jumped on the scales, I've lost 400g - woohoo ! That's better than expected !

Positives of the week

- I keep going to the fridge, reaching for a bottle of diet coke then hesitating and going for water instead. I even popped out to the supermarket near our school for a bottle of drink before one of my meetings, grabbed a can of diet coke, then, on my way to the till, swapped it for a bottle of mineral water, leaving the can of coke on the shelf in the water aisle. (Naughty !) I've been reading on the Thinking Slimmer website about diet drinks often being a less diet-friendly option than we think, so that's got to be a good move. It's the SlimPod magic doing its work again as it's certainly not a conscious move on my part !

- I have some new jeans, thanks to a recent review on Jeanography. They're a size 14 ! (Well, actually, they're a size 10 but that's their sizing that corresponds to a size 14. Still a great ego boost though !) Now admittedly, the write-up says that you should go a size lower than your normal jeans size but I started my weight loss journey off as a size 20/22 so that still seems amazing to me. They fit nicely but create a tummy bulge so that's my next target - be able to wear them to work without a bulge ! When I looked at them on the bed, I thought they'd never fit, so being able to do them up easily made me feel very good !

- I've discovered that you can still eat healthily when you have no time or energy for cooking. This week's late night options were soup in a carton, a ham/salad sandwich and a veggie-packed beef stew made the day before in the slow cooker. Usually I'd reach for a frozen ready meal (or wait for Madhouse Daddy Mike to throw a frozen pizza in the oven !).

- I've been eating loads of treats this week too. We had a big Peppa Pig cake for the twitter party, and yesterday I made some Philly Cheesecake Brownies and Chocolate & Banana Muffins. In fact, I had one of each for an indulgent Sunday breakfast just before my weigh-in, as well as eating one of each last night to try them straight out of the oven, so I really wasn't expecting good news this morning ! My weight loss mantra has always been to eat a small amount of whatever I want straight away, rather than letting the cravings build until I eat more than I would have, and I'm pleased to see it seems to be working for me !

- I've hit 13.5kg of weight loss so my ticker has clicked over to the next kg and now shows 14kg lost - yay! The difference between my weight lost and weight left to lose badges is widening too - 30 down, 27 to go - which all helps with keeping motivated.

This week's target 

Last week's target was : do my best, knowing I wouldn't be able to cook from scratch much. I blew it out of the water and managed a loss !

This week's target is :  A small loss would be great. But it's going to be another long week at work and it's also Easter so there will be lots of chocolate lying around. I'm not going to avoid the chocolate altogether, but I hope to eat it in moderation. I'll try to fit in a long walk with the kids on Monday too, if the weather is OK.

Longer-term targets : Wear my new jeans without a tummy bulge.

STILL TO GO : 12.4kg

Feel free to add your weightloss posts to our weekly linkie - it's great to see how everyone else has been getting on and give each other support and encouragement :)

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  1. Well done on your loss Cheryl, you're doing fantastic. I was naughty throwing things back on shelf too on my way to the till, but mine was chocolate biscuits, at least I didn't buy them. Good luck for next week and I hope you manage to fit your walk in xx

    1. LOL They should have a "dieters' amnesty" box at the checkout for you to ditch your naughty bits at the last minute - I bet people are forever putting things on the shelves in the wrong places !!

  2. you are doing great, every small loss is a great morae boost

  3. Very well done! This is a great achievement!

  4. Well done on the new jeans and the loss!! Have to admit I am still loving the water - I always have a bottle in the fridge and if I find myself wandering towards something naughty go for the water instead. Good luck for next week!!

    Sim x

  5. WTG you are doing GREAT! :D I find it SO hard to not drink coke, I don't like diet coke only the full fat one, ugh. I'm on day 2 without any coke lol x


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