Friday 29 March 2013

What's Cooking at the Madhouse next week? Menu Plan 29/3

Well, we survived this week of endless after-school meetings without relying too heavily on the ready meals so I'm hoping we can do the same again next week. I only have late finishes on Tuesday and Friday so it's not quite as bad, especially if I manage to plan in advance. I will be relying on a few jars of cooking sauces as short cuts though.

Saturday :

lunch - We've got an Easter egg hunt at the local park in the morning so I'm guessing a trip to McDonald's, as it's quick and easy.

dinner - homemade soup - Madhouse Daddy Mike's special ! He usually does vegetable, but I might try to convince him to branch out and try French Onion Soup for a change. Last time he did it, he made little pieces of cheese on toast to float on top - yum !

Sunday :

lunch -  roast dinner - possibly the beef that is in the freezer, or something that Madhouse Daddy Mike picks up when he does the weekly shop (not lamb, even if it's traditional for Easter, because we had that last week), with vegetables and roast potatoes. I might do some stuffing balls, to make it a bit different. (I still have some fruity Steenbergs stufing mixes to use.)

dinner - porridge, cereal or a sandwich, if anyone is hungry

Monday : 

lunch - I've promised to make one of the kids' favourites - Fajitas with chicken, red & green peppers, onions, mushrooms - toppings : cheese, guacamole, cream, tomato salsa, salad

dinner - Salmon, probably topped with lemon juice and garlic salt then grilled, served with vegetables and maybe rice

Tuesday :

dinner - Madhouse Daddy Mike is in charge as I'll be home late - I'm thinking a carton of Baked Potato Soup 

Wednesday :

lunch - it's a quick Madhouse Daddy Mike special : beefburgers and rice or couscous probably

dinner -  Spaghetti Bolognese (with loads of added veg) 

Thursday :

dinner - Cantonese Chicken (I have a jar of Uncle Ben's sauce) with pineapple, red/green peppers, onions - served with rice or noodles

Friday :

dinner - probably Baked Potato Soup again - it's another late night at work and we got several cartons of this to review that will need using up

So what are you eating next week?

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  1. Absolutely love the sound of the dinner there! All decent ingredients.


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