Wednesday 1 May 2013

The World Baking Day website is now live !

You may remember me telling you about World Baking Day a little while ago. The event, on Sunday 19th May, is encouraging everyone to "Bake Brave" and try to get slightly out of their comfort zone, whatever that may be. A hundred World Baking Day Ambassadors were chosen to provide one recipe each, which were then graded by level of difficulty and uploaded to the World Baking Day website at I'm honoured to have been asked to provide a recipe - you can see my Spiced Apple Cake at number 64 !

My own personal "Bake Brave" challenge is to Bake Pretty. I can knock up a decent cake but always go for taste over presentation, so I always marvel at the fabulously pretty cupcakes that people create. I've been practising though and think I'm getting a bit better !

Right, I'm off to have a drool at some of the other cakes on the website and see which ones I fancy trying out !

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  1. Well done on getting your recipe listed! I don't often bother with decorating, especially that I bake cake every 2-3 days, and my guys don't mind decor-free cakes, lol

  2. Congrats on your results !
    I can knock up a half decent main, maybe pudding, but I can't bake to save my life !
    The cupcake looks really cute


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