Friday, 2 May 2014

Zico Chocolate Coconut Water review

I've discovered that an important part of geocaching is refreshments. We've been walking miles this week, literally - 6 miles on Monday, another 6 miles on Tuesday and just over 3 miles yesterday - and, while the kids are happy covering long distances, I do like to pack lots of snacks and drinks to keep us going. One of the things we took was this bottle of Zico Chocolate Coconut Water that had arrived in January's Degustabox. It's been lingering in the fridge ever since, feeling slightly unloved !

I think nobody really knew what to expect so they avoided it but when we actually tried it, it turned out to be a very nice, refreshing drink. Sophie took the first sip and said it wasn't very nice, then she gave the bottle a shake, tried again and said that actually, it was really nice. I encouraged her by saying that coconut water is big news for all the stars who have adopted it as the on-trend healthy drink, so she excitedly speculated that she must be drinking the same thing as One Direction !

Zico Chocolate is made from 85% coconut water (from concentrate) and a natural chocolate flavour. It is low calorie, containing half the calories and sugar of the leading chocolate milk brands, and has great hydrating qualities and lots of electrolytes, so it was perfect for us to take on our long walk. It's not as sweet and full-on chocolatey as kid-oriented chocolate milk but they still deemed it palatable and it has to be a healthier option.

The ingredients list is reassuringly short and free of hidden nasties - 100% natural coconut water from concentrate, cane sugar, coconut cream, cocoa, natural flavour, carrageenan. (I'd never heard of carrageenan but a quick google search revealed that it is an extract from red seaweed that is used for its gelling and thickening properties.) The whole 400ml bottle contains 80 calories, 0.8g of fat and 14g of sugars.

The kids enjoyed drinking it, likening it to a watered down version of chocolate milk, but it is also good as a sports drink, because it contains magnesium, which helps reduce tiredness, and potassium, to help maintain muscle function.

star rating : 4/5

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Disclosure : I received a bottle in January's Degustabox.

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  1. Don't get used to it; it seems to have been withdrawn from the UK market :'( .

  2. Carrageenan has been found to be carcinogenic and there are attempts underway to have it banned. My almond milk has it, so I now make my own.


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