Thursday 4 November 2010

Bendaroos Activity Pack

I first discovered Bendaroos this time last year when I was sent a couple of the small themed packs to review (a review you can read here). Well, I'm amazed and impressed to say that Juliette is still playing with them regularly. Amazed and impressed on two counts, in fact - firstly because she's still coming up with new designs to make with them and secondly because they're still in perfect condition, despite being trodden on the floor and stuck to paper and windows and curled and uncurled literally hundreds of times ! If that's not a true test of their durability, I don't know what is !

Last year, Bendaroos were already the UK's number one craft kit in August/September 2009 just two months after their launch. Since then, the manufacturers have added new features and improvements, notably coming up with armatures for you to wrap your Bendaroos around to easily create impressive 3D figures and also funky two-tone colour twists which make it even easier to produce multicoloured bracelets and rings.

The best thing about Bendaroos is that there are no instructions at all - you just let your imagination run wild and do what you want with them. They stick to glass so you can make 2D designs to stick on your windows and mirrors, they stick to each other so you can make jewellery or 2D and 3D models and they stick to paper so you can bend them into letters, numbers and forms to follow written patterns. I mentioned the new armatures that are now available but you can also used scrunched-up foil or playdough as a base to wrap your Bendaroos around as, for example, the body of your latest creation.

I tend to just let 5-year-old Juliette get on with it and I've been really impressed with some of the designs that she's come up with. And the good thing is, if it didn't quite go to plan, you just straighten them back out and start all over again !

star rating : 5/5

RRP : from £4.99 - £19.99

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