Sunday 21 November 2010

Charnos Sheer bow tights

If you've just read my Charnos Luxury Knits Cotton Modal Tights review and sat there thinking "that's boring, I want something much funkier and quirkier to jazz up my Christmas party outfit", then this will be right up your street ! On their Lessons in Legs blog, Charnos Hosiery proudly declare that their Sheer Bow Tights will be one of the big trends this autumn/winter season.

They say : "GET WRAPPED UP WITH BOWS ! Add catwalk glamour to your legs this autumn with these tasteful Mini Bow Tights. Bows have been huge this season; from hair accessories to tops, now thanks to Charnos, your legs can get the bow look too! These girly chic Charnos Mini Bow tights are this season’s ultimate fashion staple: perfect for adding a quirky twist to any work outfit or the ideal addition to any LBD. Office to dance floor, or day to night : These tights are completely versatile and we predict girls everywhere will be rushing out to get their legs in them."

The sheer tights are transparent and will just give your legs a sexy black sheen. The funky bow pattern will add some interest and really glam up the most boring of outfits. They are smart enough to be worn as part of your office daywear but would also look great with your party outfit - and bows are just right for Christmas !

As you'd expect with sheer tights, they are very delicate so be careful when you put them on. They wouldn't last a second in our house with small kids (whose nails always grow faster than you can keep cutting them !) and dogs who like to jump up so I'm keeping them for a special occasion (when the kids are tucked up in bed and won't come and grab my legs !). If you want to make sure you don't snag them on your rings or fingernails, put a thin sock over your hand when you pull them on. They need to be handwashed and dried separately.

star rating : 4.5/5

RRP : £5.50

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