Saturday 20 November 2010

Rowse honey

I love it when writing a review leads me to discover loads of new and interesting facts. When Rowse asked me if I'd like to review some honey for them, I thought yeah, OK, sweet sticky stuff on toast, I can do that. Then six different jars arrived, all containing a different type of honey with a different colour, texture and taste. I went to look on the Rowse website and was blown away by the enormous variety of honeys on offer. They say, "We travel the world to find naturally delicious honeys, and our expertise is in knowing where to look for the best nectar sources. It's in our nature to try and please every taste, so we gather honey from 16 different countries to provide a huge range of 45 varieties". I always thought there couldn't be that much difference between them but how wrong could I be ?! Just a quick look at the colours - from pale yellow to bright coppery orange to dark brown - shows that each variety is unique.

Rowse classify their honeys into different categories on the website - Everyday honey, Taste Adventures, Manuka, Beekeepers' Select (from specific flowers like Scottish Heather or English Wildflower) and Supahoney. Each honey has a different flavour, depending on the region and flora, but also a different strength rating (from 1 to 6) and a different format - you can choose between a classic jar jar or go for the squeezy bottle which is much quicker and easier (not to mention less messy !) if you have kids.

Unsure of where to start, we set out all the jars on the table and had a good old tasting session, trying out each of the different honeys in turn. We all liked all of them but interestingly did all have our own personal faves.

Light and Mild Squeezy

Rowse say : "Our Light & Mild honey is chosen for its pale colour and subtle taste, making it a good choice for your little ones." Now, this is what I always think of as honey. It's nice and sweet but a bit bland. Great if you're looking for something that won't overpower other flavours if it's an ingredient in a recipe, or if you're not overly keen on the taste of honey but want a healthier alternative to sugar. With a strength rating of 1 (mild), it's delicate and kid-friendlly.


Rowse say : "Our Australian blend is a deliciously rich and full-bodied honey, with hints of toffee and sundried vine fruits, like sultanas. And it comes in jars or squeezy bottles." They describe it as rich and velvety and give it a 3 (medium) strength rating, adding "It’s perfect for summer BBQs, as a marinade or a glaze on fish or meat. Or try mixing it with fresh lime juice, mint leaves and ice cold sparkling water for a delicious refreshing drink on a hot summer’s day." The first time I tried it, I wasn't overly keen, finding it too strong, but the second time, I loved it, so maybe it depends what you've tasted just before ! I thought the flavour was lovely and almost nutty so if you want a more pronounced taste, it's definitely worth trying out.

Manuka Squeezy

Now Manuka honey is one that I have heard of as a superfood, even as a complete honey novice. Rowse explain, "The Maori have treasured Manuka for centuries. Known for its antibacterial and medicinal properties, this precious honey is extremely popular. We’re proud to say that Rowse were the first to introduce Manuka into the mainstream retail trade. Our range, which varies in strength, comes exclusively from New Zealand and is certified by accredited laboratories." The Manuka honeys have not only a strength rating for taste (4 - fairly strong) but also an activity rating (5, 10 or 15+ - we tried the 10) - the higher the rating, the higher the antibacterial content (measured by in-vitro laboratory tests). It tastes so lovely, it's really no hardship to eat it, with or without the health benefits, so this is a great one to give to the kids (and the adults, come to that) as a health-boosting tasty treat on bread, in porridge or just on a spoon (if they are anything like the girls !)

Supahoney and Supahoney with Lemon

Rowse say : "If you fancy introducing Manuka into your daily diet but want a more subtle taste, then our Supahoney could be for you. It’s a blend of Manuka and clear honey that balances Manuka’s strong herbal taste with a milder flavour. So it’s great for everyday use. Try our lemon flavour for a little something special." With a strength flavour of 3 (medium), this one appealed to everyone. Trusting in the age-old honey/lemon remedy, I can't wait to try a spoonful of the Supahoney with Lemon stirred into a cup of hot water the next time I have a sore throat. I also want to try this as an ingredient in cakes and sticky glazes because I think the added lemon will impart a really nice flavour.

Set honey

Rowse say : "Our set honey is wholesome, sweet and naturally tasty." It has a rating of 3 (medium) and is described as sweet and fruity. The girls absolutely love it, either on toast or straight out of the jar on a spoon - I'll have to start calling them my little honey-monsters ! I have to admit, I'm not as keen on this as the runny honey but I think it's because I'm not a great fan of the texture which reminds me too much of earwax ! My mum will only eat set honey though so it's all down to personal taste.

I love the wide range of honeys I've now discovered and their versatility - I really can't wait to try out some of the delicious-sounding recipes on the Rowse website now ! The girls are also huge fans, as the photos show !

star rating : 5/5

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  1. Hello,
    Thank you so much for sharing that lovely review about Rowse honey..first time to see it today in a local grocery and your review was very helpful..
    your daughters look so lovely btw :)

  2. Just bought 3 jars of Rowse honey "pure and natural" yesterday can you please inform the Rowse that the Manuka brand is not available in Lagos, Nigeria.
    Lagos has a population of about 15 milion people while Nigeria is about 170million.
    thanks for your review..
    from Lagos, Nigeria.

    1. If you click through to the Rowse website above, you'll be able to tell them yourself ! :)


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