Thursday 4 November 2010

Liv Dolls School's Out

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Well, we've gone Liv mad here at the Madhouse this week ! The girls (9-year-old Sophie and 5-year-old Juliette, not the Liv girls !)  have had great fun reviewing all these lovely Liv goodies - and I have to admit, I have too ! After trying out lots of the It's My Nature range, we had a look at some of the School's Out Liv dolls too.

The School's Out range - called After School Cool in the States - follows the girls chilling out after school and following their passions. "The Liv girls enjoy doing all the activities real girls love to do after school ! Sophie loves zipping around on her scooter - especially when she's late for her after school job at the salon ! Katie loves trying out her new bike tricks on the ramp - when she's not skateboarding, that is ! Alexis loves styling fashions and creating her own designs! Hayden loves volunteering at the pet adoption centre ! Daniela loves getting lost in her music - and now she's learning to play the drums !"

We got the Daniela and Sophie dolls to review and the girls loved playing with them, especially when we got out the spare wigs. I love the pretty but not at all tarty outfits that really look like the kind of clothes that little girls wear, unlike many fashion dolls. Yet again, the Liv "Real Girls, Real Life" ethos comes through.

The School's Out dolls come with a complete outfit and a hairbrush. This is as much as you get with a typical fashion doll but, having been spoilt by the Liv "It's My Nature" dolls that they'd reviewed just before, the girls did find them slightly basic and said that they wished the School's Out range had as many extra accessories as the It's My Nature range. You can of course get around this problem by adding extra accessories like the separate wigs or other playsets like the fabulous Nutmeg horse or Maple Lodge eco-lodge that I reviewed earlier in the week.

star rating : 4.5/5

RRP : £14.99

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  1. Have to admit that I do prefer dolls with more realistic wardrobes and personalities, and these look better than the standard fashion dolls.

  2. " love the pretty but not at all tarty outfits that really look like the kind of clothes that little girls wear, unlike many fashion dolls" YOUR COMMENT SPOT ON THATS WHAT ID LOOK FOR

  3. These dolls look great, would be a nice change from the Barbies we have all over our house!! Think we will be definitely investing in some Liv dollies!



  4. little girls would love these dolls with there
    little fashionable outfits great would give hours of fun

  5. They are a good set of dolls, nicely dressed, not to over the top and a good price, looks like lots of fun could be had with them.


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