Saturday 27 November 2010

Dodo-Pad 2011 Diary

We all use the expression "as dead as a dodo" but after discovering the wide range of diaries and planners produced by Dodo-Pad, I think we should start a new idiom : "as organised as a dodo" ! I've already reviewed and adopted their Acad-Pad academic diary and their Household Stuff organiser and, unlike some things that I receive to review, use for a while then ultimately abandon, I've been using both of them non-stop ever since. They're perfectly adapted to the tasks at hand and really help you keep on track of things so they're a real time not to mention sanity-saver.

This time I was asked to check out the Dodo-Pad 2011 Diary which follows the same unique and wonderfully quirky formula of funny pictures, fascinating facts and oodles of doodles and writing space. Different people have different needs (and different sized handbags !) so the Dodo-Pad diary comes in six different formats. You can choose between :

2011 Dodo-Pad Desk Diary :  A trusted formula, with a new time-saving addition. "The Dodo Pad guarantees to prevent a pickle, loosen a tight spot and generally untwist those knickers by giving a delightful combination of clarity and order with a big dose of doodle-led humour." This year Dodo-Pad has added a unique wipe clean, crystal clear tabbed 'dodivider' that you can use as a book mark and/or to record regular appointments.

2010 Dodo Wall-Pad Calendar  : For all those who like a planner to organise life from the wall, the Dodo Wall Pad – complete with its own tabbed 'dodivider' – is designed to hang vertically from a punch hole. And it saves money on posters!

2011 Mini Dodo-Pad Diary : The mini-me to our popular desk diary, this pint-sized poppet is perfect for your pocket, handbag or briefcase.

NEW Personal-size 2011 Dodo-Pad refill (Filofax compatible) :  "Created due to popular demand (our fans were banging down our doors), this six-holed gem will fit into your Personal-size Filofax or your NEW Personal-POD! You can guess which gets our vote…"

A5-size 2011 Dodo-Pad refill (Filofax compatible) : As above, but this beauty is for those who prefer a slightly bigger diary they can really grab hold of.

2011 loose-leaf DODO PAD (DodoPAX system DIARY) : Last but not least, the Dodo-Pad diary is also available in this hand-crafted two-hole ring-bound format that slots perfectly into the DodoPOD binder.

Now, I know a lot of people have switched over to electronic gadgets and online organisers but I still love a good old pen and paper-type diary that I can scribble things all over at a minute's notice. If someone starts telling you a phone number while you're on the phone, you don't have time to start tapping on keys and doing things electronically. But, so that you don't feel left out when people start talking about the glamorous new skins they've just bought for their iPad, you can also totally confuse them by telling them about customising your Dodo-Pad ! "A brand new collection of faux leather slipcovers in four brilliant colours and two sizes, offer the classiest animal-friendly accommodation imaginable for your Desk or Mini Diary. With irresistible colours including Apple Green, Iridescent Lilac, Aqua Blue and Intense Red, they lend your diary a sleek exterior to protect its fun-filled content. Each slipcover has a blind-embossed Dodo Pad logo as well as a special Dodo Pad watermarked lining and the same high quality finish as can be expected from all Dodo Pad products."

With or without a funky slipcover, I can vouch for the fact that Dodo-Pads are very sturdy and resistant, as mine has been kicking about in my school bag, been bent this way and that as I jot things down when I'm on the phone, used as a scribble pad when I can't get my pen to work, and all manner of neglectful abuse ! It's still in perfect nick and looks ready to put up with a lot more mistreatment before it starts showing the slightest signs of wear and tear.

The only bad thing I have to say about Dodo-Pad diaries is that the little comments and doodles are so interesting and attention-grabbing that everybody always starts reading over my shoulder and then flicking through the other pages, so it's certainly not a good place to store confidential or top secret information ! You have been warned !

star rating : 5/5

The Dodo-Pad 2011 diary and the 2011 Wall-Pad calendar is priced at £11.50 and is available from
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  1. I have wanted one of these for ages!! I think they sound great! I thought they were a tad expensive but its great to read your review, it sounds like it is worth that bit extra!


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