Monday 1 November 2010

Boots Cough Syrup (3 months +)

Juliette's got a nasty cough at the moment, especially during the night and first thing in the morning. It means she wakes up feeling tired and a bit sorry for herself and comes to climb on my lap, saying "Mummy, can I have some medicine to stop my throat hurting ?". Well, I know some research has shown that cough medicines for children may not be wholely effective but a quick spoonful of cough medicine always seems to do the trick and perk her up so, even if it is the placebo effect, I think it's definitely worthwhile !

I always have a little snigger when I look at Boots own brand medicine because their packaging is always a near carbon copy of the big brand alternative. Their blue box showing a cute smiling toddler is very similar to the Tixylix packaging that you can see here !

Juliette had the prescribed dose (one 5ml spoonful for children aged 3-11 months and two 5ml spoonfuls for 1-5 years - a handy dosing spoon is enclosed in the box) and, although it didn't miraculously stop her coughing altogether, she did say it made her throat feel less sore.

I asked her if it tasted nice and she told me it was lovely strawberry flavour. I tasted a tiny drip on my finger and said I thought it was blackcurrant. I looked at the box and it's actually apple flavour - oh well, we were all close, they're all fruit !

The active ingredient is Glycerol and it also contains purified water, maltitol liquid (E965), citric acid, hyetellose, sodium citrate, sodium benzoate (E211) and apple flavour.

It works really well as a soothing syrup for tickly coughs and, as it can be given three or four times a day, it's really been helping Juliette feel better. I can honestly see no difference between the Boots own label cough syrup and the Tixylix version that I reviewed here.

star rating : 4.5/5

RRP : 2.05 for 100ml

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