Wednesday 10 November 2010

Ariel Stain Remover & Whitening Powder

Take three kids under ten, including a baby who is now trying to feed himself, a constant drizzle that is resulting in lots of muddy puddles and the recent school holidays when messy play was on the cards because it was too cold to go outside, and what do you get ? Mums everywhere know the answer ! A washing machine constantly on the go !

When Ariel asked me to give their new stain removing product a go, I was keen to try it out but when the time came to load up the machine again, I really didn't fancy trawling through my overflowing washing basket looking for stains to pre-treat. I almost decided against it and left it in the cupboard until next time, because Pierre was a bit whiney and wanted a cuddle, then I noticed that this is a powder so you just pour a capful into the washing machine drawer with your usual detergent and you're ready to go. Woohoo round one to me !

The powder is actually one of a whole range of new stain-busting products from Ariel, which include sprays, gels and powders, with or without whitening agent. The whole range of products promises to work effectively on stains the first time you wash your clothes, even at lower temperatures. This is all thanks to a clever piece of technology that works at a microscopic level on the particles of dirt, suspending them rather than spreading them. It claims to even work on dried-in stains. Right, time to get testing !

Well, I have to say it's not bad at all. It did totally remove mud and grass stains from the knees of Juliette's jeans, felt tip pen from Sophie's pyjama bottoms and fresh poo stains from Pierre's bodysuits when his nappy leaked out of the sides ! It did leave some mild staining from pureed carrots on his bibs and dried in (and washed in) poo stains from previous nappy accidents. However, these stains were much paler and turned light yellow rather than staying orange or brown as they usually do without the Ariel Stain Remover added. It's not 100% clean but it's pretty close and certainly much better than without the extra boost that the Ariel provides.

The powder is easy to dose and it's handy that the dosing device is in the lid but I did find it hard to get into the bottle the first time because the security seal was really hard to pull off. I managed but I did think to myself that old people would never manage to get into it !.

star rating : 4.5/5

RRP : £4.49 for 500g

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