Saturday 20 November 2010

Hedrin Once Spray Gel (for headlice and nits)

I am very happy to say, I have absolutely failed in my attempts (admittedly, half-hearted attempts !) to test the Hedrin Once spray gel that we were sent to review. I have failed because, despite the numerous infestations within both Sophie and Juliette's classes at school, the girls have totally failed to bring home any unwanted guests on their heads. Woohoo ! I'm sure it won't last but, up until now, I haven't actually needed to use it.

Should the need arise, I'm reassured to know that I have my handy spray gun ready and waiting in the cupboard, which promises to kill all headlice and eggs in one 15 minute treatment. Most parents and grandparents have bitter memories of going to bed with a head covered in foul-smelling chemicals but those days are long gone. The modern headlice treatments only take a few minutes and promise not to smell bad into the bargain !

I'm against all forms of animal cruelty but even so, I get a degree of sadistic pleasure in reading that Hedrin works "by physically smothering the lice" and also contains an ingredient called Penetrol which gets inside the louse eggs to kill them. You will not escape this double whammy, you evil little lice !

I know, from less lucky mums at the school gates, that the new breed of headlice are stubborn little so-and-so's and can now withstand all manner of chemical warfare of the headlice treatment kind. However, the Hedrin box says that the gel can safely be used as often as required without the lice developing resistance. I have to admit, after desperately trying to eradicate some particularly indestructible fleas from the dogs a couple of weeks ago, I will be tempted to use Hedrin on the dogs next time - if it works by smothering the lice, surely it will smother fleas too ? I'll have to ask the vet if it's safe to be used on animals !

Read the instructions carefully before using it (whether on dogs or humans !) because it doesn't sound quite the same as other headlice treatments I've used in the past. You need to apply the gel to dry hair, fully covering the hair and scalp until it is saturated. Comb it through with a normal comb and leave for at least 15 minutes. Then apply shampoo to all the hair without wetting it, rinse thoroughly (the Hedrin will prevent it from lathering) then shampoo again, rinse and condition the hair.

I can't personally vouch for how well it works but Hedrin Once has been clinically proven to kill 100% of lice and eggs. It is pesticide free,skin friendly and has no nasty odour. The fact that it is a gel also makes it easier and cleaner to apply (although it is also available as a liquid). The 15-minute time span is also a huge plus point, both for kids and parents.

RRP : £6.99 for 60ml

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