Sunday 14 November 2010

The Spiced Orange Mai Tai - Christmas in a Cocktail Glass !

The traditional summer cocktail has been given a new seasonal twist, so there is no need to long for those lazy days and hazy nights - the Mai Tai Christmas alternative is sure to banish those winter blues and spice up your festivities.

The Spiced Orange Mai Tai perfectly combines the smooth, sweet and rich flavour of the rum and liqueur, with classic Christmas favourites of orange and cloves, giving a fantastic fusion of flavours and a luxurious, warming winter cocktail.

Simply mix a single measure of dark rum, Cointreau or Grand Marnier, then two measures of caramel sugar syrup (can use gomme**). Pour into a cocktail glass and top up with some freshly squeezed orange and a dash of soda water. Sprinkle with crushed cloves, cinnamon and serve on crushed ice. To contrast and add a little drama against the warming colours, garnish with a black straw, a star anise and a twist of orange peel. Cinnamon schnapps is a nice alternative to the cinnamon, add sparkle with a sugar, cinnamon and clove rim around the glass.

Created by Penni Black Catering - a private London catering company, which has a flair for flavour with creativity - the Spiced Orange Mai Tai conjures up some Christmas magic, with aromas that will tantalise your taste buds. It’s Christmas in a cocktail glass.

Please enjoy The Spiced Orange Mai Tai Responsibly

Spiced Orange Mai Tai


1 shot of dark rum
1 shot of Cointreau/ Grand Marnier
2 shots of caramel sugar syrup* or gomme**
Fresh orange
Soda Water
Crushed cloves, cinnamon*** and star anise
Crushed ice


- Mix the dark rum, Cointreau, sugar syrup and spices together

- Pour over crushed ice

- Top with a squeeze of fresh orange and a dash of soda

- Garnish with a black straw and a wedge of lemon****

* At Penni Black we make our own caramel sugar syrup which we infuse with orange peel, cinnamon, cloves and star anise

** Gomme is a sugar and water syrup containing gum Arabic used to sweeten a drink

*** Cinnamon schnapps is a nice alternative to the cinnamon

**** Additional garnish of a sugar, cinnamon and clove rim around the glass, a garnish of star anise inside and a twist of orange peel. In the picture Penni Black have used a crushed brulee rim.

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  1. Sounds great i have a rum fan coming for Christmas so will try this out on her


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