Wednesday 3 November 2010

Liv It's My Nature Hayden doll

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Last year, when Liv Dolls were just arriving in the UK, we were sent a Sophie doll to review (here). Sophie (my daughter, not the doll !) obviously loved the fact that she had a doll with the same name as her but beyond that, I loved their wholesome appearance, the detailed storylines describing their personalities and interests and their extreme playability. What wouldn't I have given as a child to be allowed to cut my dolls' hair, safe in the knowledge that you can buy separate wigs for them ?!

Well, a year on and wow, they've come so far ! There are so many different playsets and themed dolls and accessories available now that you can build up a fabulous collection and have really good fun creating a huge Liv World in your bedroom. Sophie, Daniela, Alexis and Katie also have a new friend - Hayden.

Hayden joined the gang in 2010 and Spinmaster explain, "The girls have got a new BFF - Hayden - she's just moved into the area and become part of the Liv girl group. Mad about animals, Hayden has a tendency to adopt strays and going with the girls on an outdoor weekend is just up her street." 

Ah the outdoor weekend - welcome to the new range of Liv Dolls, called It's My Nature. What I love about Liv Dolls is their wholesome values and lifestyle and, contrary to many of the other dolls on the market who put the emphasis on fashion and shopping, the Liv girls are focused on getting outdoors, looking after animals, helping people and being ecological. I'll shortly be reviewing some of the fabulous It's My Nature accessories including the beautiful horse, Nutmeg, and the eco-friendly Maple Lodge.

All the girls in the It's My Nature range have funky but practical outdoorsy outfits that are ideal for their camping trip - high heels would be no good for horseriding and stomping around in the woods after all ! Each doll also comes with a range of accessories related to their personality and interests. Hayden the animal and nature lover has a butterfly net, magnifying glass, and butterfly chart and also a cute bunny that she has befriended on her camping weekend.

I love the way that the girls adopt a natural beauty look - they look beautiful without relying on heavy makeup or revealing clothing - but they are still girlie girls who love experimenting with their looks so you also get a funky bag, earrings and hairbrush. I absolutely love Hayden's hippie-chic look with her funky beanie hat and fabulous plaits.

Each doll has an amazing 14 points of articulation so you (oops, I mean your children !) can create a multitude of lifelike poses. The extra wigs now come in cheaper single packs too at pocket money (or stocking filler) prices which is great news. And each doll or accesorry also gives you a code that you can use to unlock extra content in the online Liv world - although the site is now accessible without a code so everyone can go and play and meet the Liv girls.

star rating : 5/5

RRP : £20.55

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  1. I really want Hayden for Christmas. She's the only one I haven't got yet so I want to complete the set.

  2. My daughter has suddenly took a shine to these dolls, this & an orange scooter is all she's asked for. I think I'll have more luck finding one of these, haha x


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