Tuesday 2 November 2010

Ryvita’s seasonal topping ideas

A little while ago, I reviewed the new range of Ryvita products and was amazed at the choice of flavours available - gone are the days when they resembled bits of bland cardboard ! Well, the Ryvita team have just sent through some brilliantly innovative ways of eating Ryvita products in the chillier months so I thought I'd share them with you !


Entertaining guests this party season? Try topping the delicious Pumpkin Seeds & Oats Ryvita with Goats cheese and succulent beetroot. Accompany the Sweet Onion with some strips of beef and horseradish sauce.

Christmas trimmings: Great with Turkey and Cranberry sauce is the Sunflower Seeds & Oats, with a light and crunchy base that perfectly complements the salty nutty sunflower seeds.

Finish off with the ultimate indulgence; try Ryvita chocolate truffle. Just break Ryvita Fruit Crunch into small pieces and cover with lashings of Nutella and a drop of honey – perfect to share with you and your friends.

Looking forward to the new year, it’s all about eating well and being a little creative with your toppings. Dress the Original Ryvita Crispbread with delicious mozzarella and fresh tomato. Pop in the oven for two minutes and garnish with basil leaves and extra virgin olive oil for a fresh twist on the traditional Italian pizza.

Keep it simple: Curl up on the sofa with a heart-warming bowl of winter soup and add some Ryvita croutons by breaking up Dark Rye Ryvita Crispbread and sprinkling to taste.


Finally, counteract those January blues with a sweet treat pick-me-up. Break up the Ryvita Fruit Crunch Crispbread into small pieces, using the chewy currants and crunchy seeds as a tasty base. Next, add a layer of sumptuous strawberry yoghurt followed by a layer of raspberry coulee. Repeat the first two steps and finish with a strawberry on top.

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