Tuesday 23 November 2010

Scotch Pop-up Tape Handband Dispenser

Christmas is a-coming, and the geese are getting fat ... and I'm pulling out my hair trying to find the end of the roll of sticky tape and wrap up a few presents in secret before the kids come bounding into the room and discover what they'll be getting under the tree a few weeks too early ! I say pulling out my hair but the sticky tape does a very good job of doing that for me when I inevitably manage to get it attached to my hair at some point.

Just to go off on a tangent for a minute, you may be laughing at my use of the words "sticky tape" which is very reminiscent of Blue Peters' generic "sticky backed plastic". In the real word, whatever the brand, everyone tends to say sellotape (which has become such a readily used word that it's lost the capital letter) ... unless you live in France, where, whatever the brand, adhesive tape is called "du scotch" ! You'd be very disappointed if someone asked you if you wanted some scotch and you got some sticky tape instead of whisky !

But back to the task at hand - those presents aren't going to wrap themselves ! Now, where's the tape ? And the scissors ? They were here just a minute ago ! I hope I haven't accidentally wrapped them in one of the presents ! Ahh here they are under the reams of paper. Oops, my wrapping paper is looking a bit scrunched up now after all that scissors and tape-hunting. Right, time to get clever and stick loads of little pre-cut bits on my fingers - oh noooo, that's always a cue for the phone to ring. OK I'll stick them along the edge of the table - oops that's just ripped most of the varnish off and oops again, the dogs have just walked past and covered them in long white dog hairs !

STOP ! Help is at hand - literally - with the Scotch Pop-Up Tape Handband Dispenser. You wear it on your hand or wrist so you won't keep losing it and the little strips of tape are pre-cut to the perfect size. It's a real time and patience saver, especially with all the presents that will need wrapping over the next few weeks. If you're a nailbiter and always have great problems trying to find and lift the end of the tape on a roll, you'll find it even more useful - Mike always has huge problems with that and always has to call me to help, which is bad news if he's trying to wrap my present !

You get 75 strips in a pack but you can buy refills when you've run out. You even get to choose the colour of your dispenser because they come in pink, silver and blue. They're the perfect balance of funky and functional.

To help spread the word about their handy new Pop-up Tape Handband Dispenser, Scotch have created an online Pass the Parcel game, where you can attempt to win great prizes including Milka chocolate, Kodak EASYSHAE P725 Digital Frames and iPod shuffles. Good luck if you have a go and let me know if you win something !

star rating : 4.5/5

RRP : £2.09

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