Thursday 25 November 2010

Colour B4 Hair Colour Remover from Scott Cornwall

I've yet to dabble in colouring my hair, whether in a hair salon or at home, but I know the first grey hairs won't be too far around the corner and that will surely spur me on to give it a go. I must admit that one of the reasons I'm slightly apprehensive is knowing how badly it can all go wrong. I'm sure we've all heard horror stories from friends or acquaintances about knowing someone whose hair turned green or a nasty shade of orange after one too many home colorations. I personally remember trying not to laugh when a friend at university dyed her hair but also her ears and a large chunk of her forehead a lovely shade of dark chestnut brown ! As hair expert Scott Cornwall explains, "Until now, the only ways to recover from hair dye disasters were to cross your fingers, re-dye your hair and hope it worked or run to a salon (in a hat) and pay up to £200 for a bleach bath process and  re-colour" ! It's easy to snigger but I can easily imagine how mortifying it must be if it happens to you. After all, many women think of their hair as their crowning glory.

So Scott, who has worked in the hair industry for many years, came up with a solution, creating Colour B4 which allows you to "safely rewind to your colour before". Now, I was expecting a seriously confusing technical explanation with complicated chemical compounds but it sounds like a really simple idea. The website explains, "Colour B4 hair colour remover is the safest and most effective way to reverse an undesirable hair colour application. Colour B4 shrinks the artificial dye molecules in the hair, enabling you to simply wash them away. What's more, Colour B4 does not touch your natural hair pigment so you are left with the colour which lay beneath your artificial shade." How simple is that ?

It's not quite so easy if you've made your hair go lighter but you can still sort it out with a bit more effort. "Colour B4 takes you back to your lightest shade. It will return your hair to its natural colour if the artificial hair colour applied is darker than your natural level. If the artificial hair colour applied is lighter than your natural colour, the natural pigment within your hair has been chemically lightened. Although Colour B4 will remove the artificial dye, you will still notice your natural hair colour has lightened. In this situation (and to re-create your natural shade) simply select a hair colorant close to your own natural depth and tone. However, always select by one shade lighter than your (natural) depth to ensure a realistic result."

The box contains three bottles, all clearly marked with a letter so you don't mix them up (bottle A, Regular Activator - bottle B, Regular Remover - bottle C, After Treatment Buffer), disposable gloves and, all importantly, detailed instructions. (Read them. All of them. The chances are, you're having to use this product because you didn't follow the instructions first time around so don't do it again !!). Having looked around online, I'm impressed by the number of people saying how well this product works and how it doesn't leave hair feeling damaged or stripped, even on totally unbiased reviews websites like dooyoo and ciao. I can't personally vouch for its efficiency but the numerous positive testimonials leave me feeling hopeful and reassured.

The way I see it is, you wouldn't dream of making big changes to your computer registry without first creating a backup recovery disk, so why would you do it with your hair ?! I will certainly be keeping a pack in the cupboard just in case it all goes horribly wrong when I try to colour my hair !

RRP : £9.99

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