Saturday 6 November 2010

Send your child a personalised letter from MagicalSanta

I'd just like to point out that I haven't actually tried this product myself so I can't provide you with a full review, but it looks like a lovely idea so I thought I'd share it with you. It sounds like a fun, unforgettable and all-importantly cheap way to add a bit of extra Christmas magic to the run up to Christmas (as if your little ones weren't already getting excited enough as it is !).

It’s basically a way for parents to have ‘Santa’ send their child a personalised letter. MagicalSanta offers four distinct letters, which can be tailored to each child (brilliant if you have more than one child so that they don’t look as though they’ve got the exact same letters as each other!). Each letter has been written by a published children’s author, and each is written for a specific age group and gender. You can add your child’s name, gender, friend or relative’s name, what they’ve achieved this year and what present they really want. You can even choose from four different designs of decorated letter paper.

Can you imagine your child’s excitement at getting a letter in the post, addressed to them that comes direct from Father Christmas that is entirely personal to them? If your children are getting to that "I know Father Christmas doesn't exist ... does he ?!" stage, this could be just the way to make the magic last for one last year !
The letters normally cost £2.99 (including free delivery within the UK) when ordered directly from the site. But if you click on, the rate is further discounted price to only £2.79.

Ho ho ho ... merry Christmas !

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