Sunday 21 November 2010

CBeebies Song Time album

If you have (or have ever had) tiny tots in the house, there is no way that you could not know CBeebies and 95% of the programmes on there. Even if you have a "no TV" policy, I defy you to have avoided the countless CBeebies character related toys, clothes and magazines in the shops, especially in the run up to Christmas. Let's face it - who hasn't heard of the Teletubbies or In The Night Garden ?!

Well, the new CD from CBeebies is the same because it is packed with instantly recognisable songs that will have your little ones bouncing up and down, dancing on the spot or singing along - or possibly all three at once, depending on their age ! Older brothers and sisters will join in too, nostalgically remembering the kids' TV programmes they loved when they were younger, and parents will suddenly realise how much they've been brainwashed when they instantly know all the words to all the songs without even thinking !

This is also when you realise just how many different programmes there are on CBeebies ! The blurb says, " Song Time is a 2 CD album featuring 50 tracks from the BBC’s popular children’s channel. CBeebies is the largest kids brand in the UK, with over 90 programmes on the channel and the album will be released on the 22nd November. ‘Song Time’ is set to be a hugely popular album in the run up to Christmas and it makes a perfect stocking filler. The album has instantly recognisable tracks from the channel including theme tunes from current shows including ZingZillas, LazyTown, Gigglebiz and Show Me Show Me to classics such as Balamory, Tellytubbies and In The Night Garden." I love this mix of past-and-present shows which means the CD will really appeal to all generations. Anybody who has ever looked after kids with the TV on will automatically know at least a few of them ! You can see the full track listing on the Amazon webpage - I love the fact that the Teletubbies have a "club mix" version !!

The CD is great for impromptu dancing around the house but also works in other sneaky-mum ways ! Long car journeys with tired kids squabbling in the back of the car can be instantly improved if you put the CD on and all start singing along. If your little one can't tell the time, you can use the CD as a timer, saying "when Charlie & Lola come on, it's time to go to the park" or "let's go and tidy your room until Bob the Builder's song". If your family has a competitive streak, you can play "name that tune" by trying to be the first one to guess which TV programme the music comes from (with the added bonus that the littlies stand a good chance of winning with no cheating involved whatsoever - for once !). Also the CD case acts as a picture book for tiny tots who love the bright colours and point excitedly as they recognise some of their telly friends ! The 'Time To Go To Sleep' song from In The Night Garden is also a great way of getting the kids winding down into the right frame of mind for bedtime, especially if you need to calm them down after dancing madly around the room (you as much as them !) to all the other songs on the CD !

Once we get into December, my Christmas songs compilation is traditionally the only CD that goes anywhere near my CD player but this year, I think it will have some serious competition from the CBeebies album !

star rating : 5/5

RRP : £15.99 (but already much cheaper online, for example £8.95 with free delivery via Play on the link below, so look around to get the best price !)

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  1. Great review, will consider this for my baby :-)

  2. Thanks for the play link, may be worth a punt :)

  3. Looks Great will be getting for my little un


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