Monday 8 November 2010

Fudges Sweet Biscuits Selection Tin

Their Facebook page says it all. "Fudges was founded by Great, Great Granddad, Percy Fudge in 1926 and we have worked hard to preserve his legacy, adapting his award winning savoury and sweet biscuits, delicious luxury cakes and indulgent treats to suit today’s discerning tastes. It’s something that is done with a dedication and care that is rarely found. Each ingredient is handpicked for its quality and flavour and butter, eggs and cheese are sourced from local farmers that share our values. Values that embrace care and family." Ooh I like the sound of them already !

One thing is for sure, Great great grandad Fudge would be proud of the way his business is being run. "Today, three generations down the line, Steve, Sue and Graham Fudge continue these traditions, embodying everything that the Fudges name represents and each adding something of their own character and flair to the baking process. Ovens are checked with anticipation, flour is brushed from skilled hands, and pride is evident at every step. From the hand dipping of our biscuits and flapjacks in the finest Belgian chocolate, to the exquisite layering of our unique cheese straws, it’s this pride that sets us apart. And with all the awards we continue to receive each year, we know that Great, Great Granddad Fudge would be pleased too." These may be shop-bought biscuits but they instantly reminded me of home-made goodies (with, admittedly, a more professional finish than my own home-made attempts !). They've really managed to preserve the essence of home-baking in their products.

As you can see from the photo (which, admit it, has given you serious chocolate cravings !), each biscuit is half-dipped in a luscious coating of Belgian chocolate, with a choice of white, milk or dark chocolate. There are six small cellophane-wrapped packs which helps not only to keep them in tiptop freshness but also helps to keep your munchies in check, making you less likely to eat your way through the whole tin in one go (because, believe me, once you've tasted them, you'll be sorely tempted !).

Each little pack contains a different variety of biscuit and they are all absolutely delicious. My particular favourites are the two white chocolate-dipped biscuits, one with lemon zest and the other with cranberries, which perfectly balance sweetness and tanginess. The girls loved the chocolate chip biscuits dipped in milk chocolate and Mike said he liked all of them ! The other varities (and they all got munched so they are all equally delicious !) are stem ginger biscuits dipped in dark chocolate, hazelnut biscuits dipped in milk chocolate and butter biscuits dipped in dark chocolate. You need to keep the cardboard sleeve from the box to see which variety is which, otherwise it's total pot luck - we cut out the biscuit guide, as you'd get on a box of chocolates, and kept it handy in the tin.

The biscuits are absolutely perfect, finding just the right balance between chewiness and crumbliness, sweetness and slight saltiness. The delicious rich chocolate makes them decidedly decadent and moreish. As a mum, I also love the fact that you can avoid chocolatey fingers if you tell the kids to hold the non-chocolate dipped half. Although I have to admit, these biscuits are so luxurious and special that we mainly keep them in the top cupboard out of the way of the kids !

The tin is gorgeous too and will definitely be recycled, possibly as a sewing box for all my odds and ends. It's shiny and silver on the outside with a bright orange interior and the big Fudges logo is tucked away underneath the box leaving a sleek, elegant box to be reused as you wish.

Tins of biscuits are a classic Christmas present for neighbours and relatives but these ones are worlds apart from the usual mass-produced supermarket offerings. They'd also make a great addition to a Christmas hamper and would definitely get you lots of Brownie points if you took a tin into work for the tea break !

star rating : 5/5

RRP : £10.50

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