Sunday 28 November 2010

Russian Standard Gold Vodka

Christmas party season is almost upon us and the chances are, you'll be trying to decide what to offer (or adopt !) as your festive tipple. If you want to impress, champagne is always a safe bet, plus I've posted some fabulous Christmas cocktail recipes here on this blog (anyone for a Redfire, Spiced Orange Mai Tai or a Mulled Wine Cocktail ?!) and I've even told you all about Shloer and Bottlegreen as non-alcoholic options for your designated drivers or mums-to-be. But if you want a seriously impressive-looking drink to put on your kitchen table or to offer as a gift to someone with a taste for luxury, Russian Standard Gold Vodka, in its beautiful (not to mention festive) gold packaging, really looks the business.

Now, I've always thought of vodka as a drink that doesn't really taste of anything much. If you mix it with orange juice or coke, it will give your drinks a kick without really changing the taste all that much. However, that is not something you'd want to do with this prestigious vodka - it would be like taking an expensive single malt whisky and drowning it in coke ! Jo Birkitt, UK Brand Manager for Russian Standard Vodka comments: “We are delighted to be extending the Russian Standard Vodka range in the UK. Russian Standard Gold is truly unique vodka; the smooth texture and vanilla hues make it an ideal choice for discerning vodka drinkers who are looking for something very special to drink at home.” I have to be honest and say that I couldn't really pick out the notes of honey, almond and vanilla that are supposed to be there, but it is an exceptionally smooth, mellow and pleasant vodka to drink. Nothing at all like the hastily-downed vodka shots that I remember drinking in my uni-days that left you grimacing at the taste ! This is seriously classy vodka to be enjoyed by discerning grown-ups !

According to the producers, "Distilled from the finest Russian winter wheat from the southern steppes of Russia, blended with the softest and purest glacial waters from Lake Ladoga and incorporating time-honored Siberian golden roots which provide a soft taste - Russian Standard Gold is clear, pure, smooth and strong quality vodka, perfect for any discerning vodka drinker. Russian Standard vodka is steeped in Russian heritage; it is based on the vodka formula created by illustrious scientist Dmitri Mendeleev and is produced with premium Russian ingredients which are distilled at Russian Standard Vodka’s state-of-the-art distillery in St Petersburg."

They do say that you can drink it with mixers - "A smooth and rich vodka, Russian Standard Gold hosts a range of subtle sweet notes which blend together exceptionally well to create a magnificent  spirit that can easily be consumed chilled on the rocks or with a favourite mixer" - but I have to say, I think that's a bit of a waste because the taste on its own is exceptionally smooth and really comes out if you drink it over ice.

star rating : 5/5

RRP £20.00 for 70cl

Available in selected Asda and Selfridges stores

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  1. I don't drink alcohol very often, but when I do it's usually Vodka, and this sounds nice

  2. Wow, was recommended to me so i picked up a duty free bottle. Didn't know what to expect so just dove in neat. Was waiting for the customary Vodka burn and gag and it was no where to be found. I am totally amazed by this stuff. Smooth and unlike the description above I did taste the vanilla, then citrus and at the end a mellow sublime vodka kick. Best I ever had an I have had a lot.


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