Monday 1 November 2010

Tapsi Bear

My immediate reaction when I saw Tapsi Bear in the box was to stroke his ear and say "awww he's such a cute cuddly little bear". He's really soft and squidgy and has a lovely cute face that demands you give him a squeeze or a cuddle. But that's just the beginning. I'd have been really pleased to have had such an adorable, soft teddy bear to play with but no, that's not the best thing about this toy.

Tapsi Bear is a poorly little bear who needs some serious TLC. He comes with several accessories : a hot water bottle, a blanket, a handkerchief and - I had to have a little think when I saw the other object but it's a honeycomb. Well, it's obvious isn't it? He's a bear after all !

You need to use all of these objects to look after him and make him feel better. You'll know what he needs because Tapsi bear does lots of things - he sneezes and shivers, has wiggling ears, turns his head and makes munching sounds. Once you've managed to make him feel better, you'll hear comforting sounds. It's a great way of getting your child to interact with Tapsi Bear and think about his needs, which is a great life skill that will be useful for making friends and being nice to the other kids at playgroup or school, as well as being a good introduction to being a good pet owner.

But that's still not all ! Tapsi Bear comes with an audio book bedtime story on CD so after a hard afternoon of playing, your sleepy little child can cuddle up with Tapsi Bear and fall asleep while listening to his CD.

The bear in himself is absolutely lovely, but I love the fact that you get such a complete package that allows for a lot of imaginative role play. It also means that I get a break from being Doctor Juliette's patient for a while and for that, I am eternally grateful !

star rating : 5/5

RRP : £24.99

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