Wednesday 3 November 2010

Liv It's My Nature Nutmeg Horse

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I've just reviewed the new Hayden Liv doll and the It's My Nature range of dolls (here) so now is the perfect time to introduce you to their latest four-legged friend, Nutmeg the horse. Having been on a camping weekend at the eco-friendly Maple Lodge, the Liv girls got all outdoorsy so horseriding was on their list of essential activities. Have you noticed something ? Every time I start describing the Liv toys I've been sent to review, I automatically start talking about them as if they are real ! It just goes to show how well their "Real Girls, Real Life" ethos works !

Anyway, on to Nutmeg ! Knowing how fabulously playable and poseable the Liv Dolls are, with their 14 points of articulation, I was hoping this horse would be equally poseable and it is ! I was really pleased to see it has even got a moveable head which is so much better than the fixed position plastic horse I had to play with as a kid ! Like each Liv doll, it also comes with a huge range of accessories (fifteen no less !)  allowing you invent and act out stories. Nutmeg comes with two blankets, a saddle, stirrups and bridle, her own brush, a bag of oats, a bucket and scoop. Everything you need to look after her properly, groom her and ride her.

Nutmeg also has fabulous hair like her Liv friends so you can groom and style her lovely silky mane but also her tail. She has her own hair accesorries to make her look beautiful too.

Nutmeg won the Toytalk Awards 2010 award for best horse toy so it's clear to see that Sophie and Juliette (ahem, and me !) aren't the only ones who think she's great fun to play with.

star rating : 5/5

RRP : £24.99

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  1. I was looking at these in the shops and I love the eyes - they're really beautiful and almost realistic ! Can't wait to play with my grand-daughter on xmas morning when she opens it !!

    doting granny !


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