Monday 15 November 2010

Giveaway #33 : 20 x 100ml Vosene Kids headlice-repellent shampoo - closed - winners listed below

The winners are :

1) @andiecaz
2) @sbroadhurst
3) @simontink
4) k.grieve
5) stephmcuk
6) @juliefeathers
7) @acguest
8) @joanneblunt
9) @StomaFreeBuddie
10) kemo_0000
11) @tonicaddis
12) @Sunnydaymama
13) @ginadoc
20) gemmamjl

Well done - I've contacted you by email or twitter !


This time last year, we received some Vosene headlice-repellent 3-in-1 shampoo to review (a review you can read here) and we've been using it pretty much ever since. Not only the girls - despite having long thick hair and having had numerous infestations in their classes - have failed to bring home a single unwanted guest, they also love the zesty smell and it leaves their hair lovely and clean and tangle-free.

But don't just take my word for it ! The lovely people at Vosene have 20 samples to give away to readers of my blog so that they can try it out for themselves.

To be entered into the draw, just follow my blog (see google friends connect over on the right) and leave me a comment with a way of contacting you via twitter or email. It would be great to hear your tried and tested (or just plain crazy !) methods for getting rid of nits although this isn't compulsory. (Mums at the school gate have told me that dyeing your hair is a radical solution, as is using hair straighteners because you can hear them hiss and pop ! Ewwww ! ) UK only. Closing date : 30/11

Good luck (and I hope I haven't made you itch reading this post !)

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  1. OOh yes please. I love Vosene and this stuff does actually work (well Emma hasn't had nits since we started using it).



  2. i would love to try this please - my children keep coming home with them and whatever we use they always come back!!


  3. I love the smell of Vosene ... we have been using this and the spray and have had no little visitors thank goodness Xx Thanks for the chance to win Xx

  4. well to be honest i have not had the pleasure of meeting these nits, but have use vosene in the past love it

  5. my kids havent had nits for a long time now and thats the eay i`d like it to stay. lol

    I follow your blog ,and on twitter @andiecaz. xx

  6. I hate nits and fortunately have escaped them for about 18 months now. Repellents help but have considered shaving their heads before now. I follow your blog

  7. this would be fab children always seem to get nits no matter how often u check i remember my mum covering my hair in vinegar many years ago lol
    twitter @twinklenicci

  8. I'm a mum to a three year old and haven't had the pleasure of dealing with nits yet!


  9. would love some of this, my boys are always brinig notes home from School saying that there are head lice in some of the class

  10. Vosene is a trusted name,and a usable,friendly product. I am on twitter @minxminx2 ,thankyou

  11. Wow this product looks amazing, I love vosene products!

  12. Please enter me into this, we recently tried a sample of this and it was fab...with 4 kids in the house, lice repellant is very handy lol!! xx

  13. Oh and my hint for getting rid of the little critters...we have always found vinegar very useful...either that or mayonnaise...crazy but effective lol!! x

  14. my granddaughter has caught these 3 times in 6 weeks and the school isn't bothered that she is getting them there so I could do with 1 of these

  15. Lice are the bain of my life, 3 kids and grandkids. One of my boys must own his own nit farm!!!!
    @simontink on twitter

  16. I'd love to try this! My daughter has had headlice so often recently!

  17. Fab comp this is brilliant stuff

  18. excellant comp would love to win

  19. @wendymcd83
    Blog follower.
    I'm a firm believer in regular tea-tree conditioning and fine combing. That way if a nit does creep onto your child's hair, you'll find it and prevent an infestation from happening! Prevention is better than cure!!

  20. Earlier this year my children brought the nasty nits home from school, I had no idea how bad they are to get rid of (the nits that is not the kids!!)

  21. fingers crossed

    gfc: stephanie cummins

  22. i used to use this shampoo as a kid but the smell brings back bad memories for me, i think that they have changed the smell now to something a bit more refreshing. i would to try out the new version on my kids.
    contact via email or via twitter @emmabarron.
    am also following your blog, thanks.

  23. I've been using this shampoo recently and one of my girls hasn't had them since. The other I think I'm in a cycle at the moment but will soon crack it.

    Some of the time, I wash their hair as you would, put conditioner on and use that to run the nit comb thru.

    If its really bad there is another brand I use which does kill them, but don't half make their hair look greasy afterwards, even if you wash it again.

    I'm @totallydot

  24. Grand daughter, just picked them up after just 2 sessions at her 1st nursey, whats going on. Bring back the nit nurse we all had at school.

    I am @phyllgerry

    Phyllis xx

  25. I my daughter has never had nits! But I'd like to have the shampoo anyway to ward them off!

    I'm @maisietoo.

  26. My kids have never had nits and I swear its because I use this very shampoo!! :-D

  27. Headlice are the biggest nightmare - parents should be made to check their kids hair at least once a week to prevent outbreaks.

    Twitter: @Isis1981uk

  28. Headlice are such a nightmnare to get rid of, as soon as my daughter has rid of them, another child in her class will have them and pass them back around. Would love to try Vosene and hope it solves the problem!


  29. My son hasn't had them yet but he is starting first school soon and I am dreading him bringing home the beasties, would love to try it out :)


  30. Could I try this please, pretty please?

  31. This would be very handy for us!! Would love to try it, thanks xxx


  32. this stuff is amazing! Id love to win some for the kids

  33. love this stuff

  34. My daughter hasn't had nits yet, I'm dreading when she does.

  35. This looks like a great shampoo! I'd love to enter the giveaway. :)

  36. would love to try this please my grand daughter brought head lice home from school not easy to get rid.

  37. i think tea tree is a good repellant!
    would love to try this @tonicaddis

  38. I love This would definately help as headlice are a nightmare, so would love this for my little boy

  39. I haven't seen this before but sounds very interesting - my 2 boys have bought home the little friends a few times and have thoughtfully passed them onto me - yuk! I have always used the horrible smelling stuff in the past so using something that smells nice would be far preferable.

  40. urgh i used to get them all the time!

  41. George Williamson29 November 2010 at 18:33

    Great to use more shampoo over our hair

  42. This will come in handy for my granddaughter

  43. Ah Vosene, one of the more distinctive smells from my dim and distant youth!

  44. I am dreading the day they come home with headlice, so hopefully this would stop it happening.

  45. I tried a free sample of this, its really good and it works

  46. so need this have blasted the nits twice this week!


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