Sunday 21 November 2010

Charnos Luxury Knits - Cotton Modal Tights

Baby, it's cold outside ! Despite my fabulous knee-length leather boots that I won in a recent competition, I thought that I wouldn't be wearing any skirts or dresses for the next few months because it's just too nippy. Then I was sent a pair of Cotton Modal Tights from the Charnos Luxury Knits range and they are so cosy and warm, they're just as winter-friendly as leggings.

They are so warm and soft but also hardwearing that they actually remind me of the tights I used to wear to school as a kid in the autumn and winter terms ! The waistband is tight enough to not be constantly slipping down but doesn't squeeze or rub. They give great coverage and colour to your legs and as they are opaque, they hide a multitude of sins so if you haven't had a chance to shave your legs, nobody will ever know !!

They feel a bit like a pair of lovely soft, snuggly socks. They offer warmth but also comfort and the cotton mix - 35% modal, 35% cotton, 25% nylon/polyamide, 5% elastane - doesn't heat your legs up too much, seeming quite breathable.

They are ideal for everyday wear, come in a range of colours and go with just about everything so they are the perfect accessory for the colder weather. They are lovely and stretchy and keep their shape well. You can instantly feel how high quality they are.

star rating : 5/5

RRP : £7.49

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