Sunday, 4 December 2011

Singer Laura Comfort Creates Website For Anyone Who's Ever Had A Broken Heart !

Have you ever heard of Laura Comfort ? Well no, I must admit that I hadn't either but I was sent a copy of her new single, "It Hurts", to review so I've just been checking it and her out.

Laura is a mum of two and originally wrote the song after the person she had been with for virtually her whole life left her broken hearted. She then decided to create a website for all women who have been hurt like her at Everybody at some point in their lives faces relationship problems and if you have ever been cheated on, this site will help get you through the pain of a broken heart because it’s a place where stories and experiences can be shared . Laura knows that there are so many people going through emotional difficulties like those she’s been through and she hopes the site will help individuals comfort each other.

’It Hurts’ is described as a distinctive blend of folk-pop with a hint of Sheryl Crow and a sprinkle of Laura Marling. I would actually class it as country but that in itself makes me smile. A few years ago, an American friend mentioned that he liked country music and I sniggered, saying that the only country music I knew was Dolly Parton and "Country Roads, Take Me Home". Well, as I discovered, while the country music genre is basically stuck in a timewarp here in Europe, on the other side of the pond it has evolved to encompass a whole host of fresh, talented musicians and I now regularly listen to the likes of Sara Evans, Diamond Rio and the Dixie Chicks. This is country music without a twanging guitar or cowboy hat in sight !

'It Hurts' is a beautiful emotive love song with intensely personal lyrics, heartfelt emotions and poignant vocals that will touch a chord with every listen. Produced by the legendary Santana producer John Ryan of Chicago Kid Productions, it is set to storm the charts.

It Hurts’ was released at the end of November and Laura will also be headlining at Rony Scotts on December 13th.

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