Wednesday 11 April 2012

Activia Pouring Yogurt serving suggestions

When BzzAgent offered me a space on their new campaign for Activia Pouring Yogurt, and sent me through a Bzz kit including a voucher for a free carton as well as money-off vouchers to pass on to my friends, I assumed they must have made some huge changes or added some new flavours because I'd already participated in a Bzz campaign for Activia Pouring Yogurt back in December 2010 that I told you about here. Well, they haven't - they still have the same three flavours available (Natural, Strawberry and Vanilla), it still only contains 2% fat and it is still being marketed primarily as something to pour over your cereal or muesli instead of the usual milk. 

A bit of investigating (and reading of the Bzz guide) revealed that they have actually changed the recipe a bit. Bzz explain : "After the launch, Danone listened to feedback from BzzAgents who took part in the Activia® Pouring Yogurt campaign. Danone was so impressed with everyone's feedback and the different ways Pouring Yogurt was being used that they adapted the formulation to ensure it tastes great however you're using it. New Activia® Pouring Yogurt tastes even better than before." Well, I have to be honest, I can't taste any difference but I'll take their word for it !

As I did a complete review of the product for the first Bzz campaign, I'll do something a bit different this time and tell you about some of the different ways you can serve it or incorporate it into your cooking.

The Natural variety can be used as a low fat alternative to cream in sweet or savoury dishes. We've tried using it poured over strawberries, fruit salad and Christmas pudding but also in chicken korma. It also makes a lovely raita with cucumber and mint.

The Vanilla one makes a great alternative to cold custard if you want to try making simple îles flottantes, or serve up a simple healthy dessert of a dish of yogurt studded with blueberries, raspberries, granola or chocolate chips.

The Strawberry one makes a great base for smoothies and is delicious if you freeze it to make healthy ice lollies.

What about you ? Have you got any other tried and tested recipe ideas ?

If you'd like to give it a go, it's only £1 for a 950ml carton in Morrisons this month. (The RRP is £1.99.)

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  1. This is an interesting product - I love the idea of using it instead of cream over puddings.

    @beachrambler - Hazel Rea


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