Tuesday 24 April 2012

Up, Up & Away Little Charley Bear review

Little Charley Bear is well-loved by all three of the Madhouse Mini-testers. (10-year-old Sophie now declares she is too grown-up for kids TV but seems to mysteriously appear whenever a new DVD is put on to watch !) When we were offered an Up, Up & Away Little Charley Bear areoplane toy to review, I guessed it would be popular.

Sure enough, as soon as he laid eyes on it, Pierre couldn't wait to play with it and stood patiently waiting as Madhouse Daddy Mike got it out of the box.

The sturdy plastic aeroplane contains a cute Little Charley Bear soft toy that you can take out to play with separately - we love his flying goggles (or Batman mask as Pierre is convinced it is !). Pierre had a huge amount of fun zooming around the room making him fly and giggling when the poor little bear fell out on the loop the loops - he could have done with a strap or a piece of velcro to keep him inside the cockpit as I'm sure Pierre can't be the only one doing loop the loops with it !

Pierre already loved it and that was before he discovered that it made aeroplane noises when you tilted it and spoke when you pushed the button, saying things like "Are you there, Charley Bear ?" and "Up up and away" !

What made me laugh was that when Pierre finally tired of playing with it and left it on the table, every adult that walked past couldn't resist pushing round the propeller or pushing the button to make it talk - always the sign of an appealing toy !

It needs batteries to operate but the great news is, these are included. It's a really pretty toy too so looks great on the bedroom shelf when it's not being played with (which won't be often, if Pierre is anything to go by).

When I went to check the RRP, I spotted that there are apparently two versions of the plane - one (the one that we had) that comes ready to play with and really looks the business and another almost identical one with flame stickers in the box that need to be added by hand and which look less professional and quickly peel off. Make sure you know which one you're buying, if you choose to buy from somewhere like ebay or amazon !

star rating : 4.5/5

RRP : £24.99

Disclaimer : I received an Up, Up & Away Little Charley Bear aeroplane in order to write the review.

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  1. Awww gotta love Charley Bear <3

  2. My little boy would love this, he loves Charley Bear, and so do I, he's so sweet!


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