Friday 13 April 2012

Thorntons new Best of British range of chocolates

We may have just got through the mega-chocfest of Easter but I still couldn't help getting excited about this funky and iconically British range of new chocolate treats from Thorntons. I want them all ! Hmmm banana and custard recreated in a bar of chocolate - sounds utterly divine ! Now, I'm ashamed to say that - despite hailing from Hastings - I have no idea what a Lemon Sussex Pond is so I will definitely have to investigate that one, just to complete my education of all things local, you understand !!


British summertime is now upon us, and with it comes the promise of an exciting and unforgettable season. With the Queen's Diamond Jubilee, Euro 2012, Wimbledon and the 2012 Olympics just around the corner, Britain’s best loved chocolate company Thorntons is celebrating Britain’s big year with the launch of its new Best of British range. Hitting the shelves in May and available all summer, the range celebrates everything it means to be British this year.

Wave the flag for Great Britain this summer with one of Thorntons' delicious chocolate flags. Decorated with mouth-watering white and dark chocolate, this chocolate Union Jack plaque is the ultimate British memento for 2012.

  Back by popular demand, Thorntons' Bakewell Tart Chocolate Block has returned to shelves alongside a new addition to the range. The limited edition Banana and Custard Chocolate Block has been inspired by the traditional and much-loved pudding. A nod back to childhood puddings, the chocolate block features crispy banana pieces combined with smooth white chocolate and custard essence to recreate this classic favourite.

Nothing is more synonymous with Great Britain than the classic London double-decker bus. Thorntons’ milk chocolate representation is sure to be a bestseller this summer - the perfect patriotic present, or even just a treat for yourself. 

Want to try something a little different this summer? Thorntons talented chocolatiers have recreated some classic British puddings – in chocolate!  Regress to the dessert delights of your childhood in the Thorntons Servery with the likes of Apple Pie & Custard and Lemon Sussex Pond or grab a bag of Jam Roly Poly chocolates.  

Thorntons Best of British product price list

100g Bus model
Chocolate Flag Lolly
Bananas and Custard Choc Block
Bakewell Tart Chocolate Block
Jam Roly Poly Chocolate Bag
British Classics Chocolate Bag
Medium Chocolate Flag plaque
Large Chocolate Flag Plaque
Apple Pie & Custard Servery Chocolate
Lemon Sussex Pond Servery Chocolate

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  1. Bananas and custard choc block sounds SO good! I can't wait to try it!

  2. OMG, I've just seen your giveaway post, posted on 9th April and set about to comment on another one of your posts when I came across this post. I can't believe there is a banana and custard chocolate by thorntons...very exciting thanks for posting the competition and this post. I'm now a follower - twitter name @emmasabel78

  3. These all sound great although I like the other comments I think Bananas and Custard Choc Block sounds the best. Ive just taken a look at the Thorntons website and can't see these yet but will definitely keep my eye out and buy some when they are available. Thanks for posting

  4. Wow, never heard of these, the Bakewell Tart one sounds AMAZING! I must have it!!

  5. Banana and custard? Wow, get me to Thorntons right now!!

  6. Mmmm these all look so yummy. I think the London bus is fantastic.

  7. i must get some banana and custard choc it sounds amazing!


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