Monday 30 April 2012

WeightWatchers recipe : Asian beef and mango salad

As you know, I'm currently trialling the Weightwatchers Online programme and testing the various WeightWatchers products (food and recipe books) that they sent me. I've been really impressed with the One Pot Meals book and have learnt that, even when the ingredients look like they don't (or really shouldn't!) go together, they often end up being delicious.The Malaysian Pork with Pineapple recipe that I tried here was a prime example of this.

Well, another recipe that intrigued me but that I wasn't sure would work was this one for Asian Beef & Mango Salad. After a bit of "Do you think this would work ?" tweeting, I bit the bullet and raided the fridge.

Part of the reason that this really appealed to me was that I just happened to have the key ingredients in the fridge - some leftover cooked beef, some mango, salad and cucumber. The recipe gives you a list of ingredients to combine to make a delicious light  dressing, but as the main ingredients were lime juice and zest, fish sauce, garlic and sweet chilli sauce, I decided to try one of the Just Add Sweet Chilli, Ginger & Lime salad dressing sachets (that I mentioned here).

It was absolutely delicious and I can wholeheartedly say that beef, mango and sweet chilli sauce are a match made in heaven. I'm now trying to get brave enough to try the Banana Sambal recipe (that accompanies Spice Box Chicken), which is a mind-boggling mixture of banana, cucumber, red onion and lime juice. Hmmm really?!

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  1. I told you. :) Glad you enjoyed the new salad. It looks like something that I might enjoy too.

  2. One to add to the "to try" list then - glad it was good.

  3. OOh my this looks lovely Thank you for coming to my rescue x


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