Wednesday 25 April 2012

Celebrate Britain Cookies and Cupcakes from Millie's Cookies

Having seen how excited you all got by the Best of British range that Thorntons are about to launch, I thought this would be right up your (Union Jack bunting-lined) street too ! Wow, I wish I could make cookies and cupcakes that looked this good !


 Millie's Cookies are at the centre of Britain's summer of celebrations this year with a selection of British-inspired, Jubilee-celebrating new products. The ideal gift for street parties and family picnic treats during the extended bank holiday bonanza, Millie's Cookies are as tasty as ever, with a special Celebrate Britain twist.

Available from May 10th, the Jubilee Cookies and Jubilee Cookie Cupcakes are a delicious nod to the celebrations occurring across Britain this Summer. Freshly baked every single day they are available as stand-alone products (cupcakes from just £1.25), and also become gorgeous gifts when presented in the Millie's Flag Gift Tin. Tins are available with 12 cookie cupcakes and 8 cookies inside at just £19.99 or with 18 cookies for just £9.99.

The Giant Iced Cookies are also having a glorious make-over to celebrate the season. With brand new pop-art inspired icing themes being a Royalist has never looked or tasted so good.
Giant Iced Cookies are available from £13.79 with a gift box, and are made to order and ready within one hour.

All Millie's baked products (Cookies, Cookie Cupcakes, Cookie-pops, Mini Bites and Muffins) are made with natural ingredients (the only exception is blue & green icing colours). Millie's do not use any hydrogenated fats in their products.

Cookie cupcakes are available in-store every day from £1.25 and in gift boxes of up to 4 and up to 9. Stores require approx 1-2 weeks' notice for wedding favours dependent on quantities, packaging and toppings chosen.  A minimum of 24 hours' for standard toppings and low quantities is required.

Giant Iced Cookies with personalised or Millie's designs are available in store priced at £13.79 with a gift box. Available in a choice of cookie flavours, round or heart shapes and 6 icing colours/ flavours and giant heart shaped boxes are also available at an additional cost. Made to order and ready in under an hour.

Cookie Flavours
Milk choc chip - with Belgian milk chocolate
Double choc -with Belgian dark and white chocolate
White choc & Raspberry - with Belgian white chocolate and real raspberries
NEW Praline with toasted hazelnuts and Belgian milk chocolate
Milk choc & toffee - with Belgian milk chocolate toffee chunks
NEW Flapjack -with almond and pumpkin seeds
NEW RECIPE Jaffa with real orange and Belgian dark chocolate
NEW Coconut and Belgian Milk chocolate
Banoffee - with toffee chunks
Dark Choc - with Belgian dark chocolate
Oatmeal & raisin - with real oats
White choc - with Belgian white chocolate
From  99p, 4 for £2.99, 12 for £5.99 in a box.

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  1. I love Millies Cookies - we have a one in Newcastle and over at the Metro Centre! To be honest, I prefer to receive cookies than chocolates on special occasions. My favour flavour is their NEW Praline with toasted hazelnuts and Belgian milk chocolate.

    The Royalist selection look great! I am having a Jubilee garden party (well garde if it is dry!) and am going to bake and buy royal related goodies! These will defo be on my list! Thank you

  2. love millies too - the cookie cupcakes look great!

  3. I've never had them but they sound yummy!

  4. I'll definitely try one of the orange chocolate cookies next time I'm in town.

  5. These look tasty and great, and I love the tins too.

  6. I go to Milly every morning, buy my latte and my morning cookie...


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