Tuesday 10 April 2012

Lush Mum Tulip re-useable bubble bar wand review

I love the way that Lush always come up with totally innovative and sometimes just plain bonkers ideas for new beauty and bath products that instantly make you smile, knowing that you'll never find them anywhere else (or at least until the cheaper brands have had time to make pale imitations and get them on the shelves !). Well, every single member of the Madhouse family (with the exception of Madhouse Daddy Mike who was at work at the time) squealed with excitement when we received one of their re-useable bubble bar wands to review.

A range of three brand new bubble bath wands was released for Mothers' Day. Lush describe them in their inimitable style on their website:

Mum re-useable bubble bar wand (£4.95) … short for chrysantheMUM, these are a quirky alternative for mums who would prefer a lovely, hot, relaxing bath to flowers.  The re-useable bubble bar mix is pressed into the shape of a flower and presented on a stick.  Scented with an uplifting blend of orange, lime and juniper berries, the fragrance is reminiscent of a freshly mown lawn.

Mum Tulip re-useable bubble bar wand (£4.95) … this year we’ve got tulips as well as chrysanthemums for mum, tulips are also an emblem for International Women’s Day in Russia so the perfect choice really.   This one is scented with a delicious chocolate orange fragrance, with light grapefruit and bergamot oils to help lift the spirit, while the cocoa and tonka bring warmth and comfort to the heart. 

Madame Butterfly re-useable bubble bar wand (£4.95) … a pretty pink butterfly fragranced with gorgeous rose absolute and rose oil, which are also both fantastic on the skin.  There’s a hint of lemon and Egyptian geranium oil to help balance the skin, whilst the cocoa and shea butters will leave mum feeling smooth and soft.

We received the Tulip Bubble Bath Wand and Juliette instantly ran around the house using it as a magic wand while the bath ran !

Now, having used Lush bubble bars before (we reviewed the Superstars Bubble Bar here), I was expecting this to have an instantaneous effect when it hit the water, creating bubbles, colour and wafts of delicious fragrance so we were a bit underwhelmed when nothing much happened !

After swirling it around in the water for a few minutes, it did finally start giving off a pale pink colour and some very light bubbles.

After even more wand waving and holding it under the running water, we ended up with a fair amount of bubbles and some lovely pink water. I didn't think it smelt of anything much though, which was a shame as I was really looking forward to savouring the chocolate-orange fragrance. As a calorie-free Easter treat, it sounded like the perfect antidote to all the chocolate lying around the house at the moment !

The bubble bar wands are described as being big enough for several uses but I wasn't sure how this would work in practice, thinking they'd go sludgy or crumbly. However, as you can see in the photo, after being wafted around in the bath for several minutes - not to mention being used rather successfully by Juliette as a bath crayon on Pierre's tummy when I had my back turned ! - it's in perfect condition and is certainly big enough for at least one if not several more baths.

Now, I'm gutted because I didn't read the label properly - in fact, I don't think I actually saw it at all because the Madhouse Mini-testers excitedly ran off to the bathroom with it before I had a chance to look ! - so we missed out on a little bonus. Lush explain : "Our Tulip comes with a name tag that's rather special - it's got seeds embedded in the paper! Just dig a little hole in your garden or in a soil-filled pot and pop the tag in whole. Give it a drink of water and sit back and let nature take its course. You'll be rewarded with some lovely wild flowers to bring a little colour to your garden this summer."

It's a lovely gift alternative to cut flowers and one that will last longer - I'd certainly rather receive this than a bunch of flowers. I love the concept but I would have liked a stronger fragrance.

star rating : 4/5

RRP : £4.95

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  1. Aww, always a shame when the fragrance is underwhelming! I find Lush products quite hit and miss like that!

    I do have one of the pink star bubble wands from christmas though which I haven't used yet and am looking forward to :)


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