Sunday 8 April 2012

Cool Britannia ! Diamond Jubilee and Olympics souvenirs roundup

The Union Jack has always been an iconic symbol that has been big business for interior designers, clothing manufacturers, household objects and everything in between, but with this year seeing not only the London 2012 Olympic Games but also the Queen's Diamond Jubilee, the shops are absolutely bursting with all things British-themed. I thought I'd give you a quick overview of all the "Cool Britannia" merchandise that we've tried out recently or that we've reviewed in the past here at The Madhouse. I'll add more to this list as it comes through as I'm sure there will be more Team GB products arriving over the coming months !


SixTea Years Crown Jubilee
Price: £1.85
The perfect opportunity to enjoy a beautiful cup of tea with Elizabeth and Philip. This special event Greetings Card is the perfect Gift for any occasion. These are great fun - you can tell all your friends you had tea with the Queen !


Elizabeth II’s Reign – Celebrating 60 Years of Britain ’s History (Hardback)
Price: £13.99
Synopsis: Perfect for youngsters, this illustrated book
examines the recent history of Britain , including the Commonwealth, family, fashion, technology and work.
(See our review here.)


Just in time for the Queen’s Jubilee, Swizzels Matlow, the makers of Love Hearts, Parma Violets and Drumstick Lollies is launching a commemorative Mini Love Hearts tin. The sweet treats have been packed in a limited edition 450g tin featuring the official Jubilee emblem. This costs £5 and is available in Asda from mid May.


 I reviewed a selection of Royal Wedding merchandise from Find Me A Gift here.


Team GB  bedding and towels (see our blogpost here)



Inch Blue Union Jack Leather Toddler Slippers (see our review here)


 Firefly Britannia Natural Energy drink (reviewed here)


Natural Empathy beauty products (that we reviewed here)


We laughed the "Cheeky" range of products from Temple Island (that we reviewed here)

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