Wednesday 18 April 2012

Kit Heath Jewellery - Nautical Star review

Now aged 10, Sophie is at that awkward in between age where she wants to be all grown up and independent but lacks the maturity and experience to do so. She swings between being a stroppy pre-teen grumbling "it's not fair" as she stomps up the stairs and a little girl asking me to put bunches in her hair with pink plastic slides. The word "tween" could have been invented just for her !

She was therefore the perfect candidate to review a lovely piece of kids' jewellery from Kit Heath that we were sent. Now, I have to be honest, I didn't know much at all about Kit Heath but I instantly loved their credo on their website. They say : "Kit Heath is redefining the way we think about silver jewellery, creating silver jewellery designs to be worn, worn to be seen and seen to be believed. Silver jewellery that feels this good and made this well will be treasured for generations. Many will touch it; many more will be touched by it. Upbeat in mood, classic in spirit, the sterling silver collections feature eternal themes of love, commitment, and the beauty of nature. Attention to detail shines from each delicious silver curve. Every piece a sensory delight, a tactile joy. Perfect for gifts, right for the occasion, in tune with the times. Why? Because beautiful silver jewellery should be accessible to all, not just the privileged few. Everyone deserves a piece of Kit Heath." 

I couldn't help but smile as I read about how the company started. Not only was it originally run out of Kit’s VW Camper Van, he also secretly melted down the family's silver candlesticks when he needed some raw materials to work with ! The website says : "It wasn’t until the following Christmas that his misdemeanour was discovered – his parents have only just forgiven him!"

We received the Nautical Star necklace which was absolutely ideal for Sophie because it appeals to both her "all grown up" and "still a little girl" sides. It comes in a smart presentation box in a jaunty red gift bag and has a timeless design that will appeal to little girls right through to teens.The chain is 14 inches long (with a 2 inch extender) which was perfect for Sophie but may be too long for younger children.

I've had a look around the website and I love the bright, fun designs of the kids' range, which feature ear rings and bracelets, as well as charms and necklaces. Juliette loves the pic 'n' mix beads that allow you to create your own totally unique bracelet and Sophie oohed and aahed over the Cool Britannia necklaces with the pastel Union Jacks. Kit Heath doesn't just specialise in kids' jewellery though - there is also an extensive collection for grown ups which also has some lovely items, using both silver and gold.

star rating : 4/5

RRP : £40

for more information :

Disclaimer : We received a Nautical Star necklace to review.

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  1. What a lovely piece of jewellery. I've had a look at their site and there are some really unique items on there. I know a little girl who would be delighted to receive anything like this....I shall be keeping it in mind for her birthday (but don't tell her :-)

  2. My niece would really love this.


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