Friday 27 April 2012

Check out the new Sterimar Baby UK Facebook page and enter the 'Cutest Little Nose' competition !

As I told you last month, I'm honoured to have been chosen to act as one of a small group of Mummy Ambassadors for the brand new Sterimar Baby UK Facebook page. The page has just gone live and they already have a lovely competition on the go (which I'll tell you about in a moment). But I also have insider information and can tell you that they have all sorts of other fun activities planned over the coming months that I can't wait to get involved with. Hope to see you there ! And without further ado, here's all you need to know about their competition to win £500 .


Stérimar® Baby Nasal Spray is now on Facebook!
Cutest Little Nose wins £500

To celebrate the launch of the new Facebook page for Stérimar® Baby, the natural seawater base nasal spray, we are offering you the chance to win a £500 cash prize if you enter our ‘Cutest Little Nose’ photo competition!

Stérimar® Baby is a 100% natural sea water nasal spray that is specifically designed to gently clear and unblock little noses from birth to 3 years. Since babies also breathe mainly through their nose and cannot blow it, a blocked nose can be disruptive and lead to problems breathing, eating or sleeping. To help relieve discomfort, Stérimar® Baby gently clears and unblocks little noses and rebalances nasal functions. It can be used as often and as long as needed.

At Stérimar® Baby, we just love little noses and can’t wait to see your adorable photos of your little ones, so please enter today! The ‘cutest’ photo will be chosen as the winner and the ‘most creative’ photo will win a runner up prize of Stérimar® Baby products. The competition is running for two months, and will close on 20th June 2012.

The Facebook page is all about keeping little noses clean, clear and healthy. You can connect with Mums and experts to share advice, tips, stories and even photos. Our Mummy Ambassadors will be posting relevant parenting topics for discussion and there will be more competitions throughout the year. These mums and their little ones use and love Stérimar® Baby – we hope you do too!

Stérimar® is recommended by doctors in the UK and has received the Allergy UK Allergy Product Award.

Become a fan and ‘like’ the new official Stérimar® Baby Facebook page to get in on the action! 

Disclosure : While this isn't a sponsored post, I do receive a financial contribution from Sterimar for getting involved in Mummy Ambassador activities on their facebook book and other social media platforms. I was using Sterimar long before they asked me to be an Ambassador though !


  1. This sounds like good stuff, I will definitely check out their page

  2. Thanks for posting this, will definitely check it out!

  3. best stuff ever. better than drops and other nasal sprays.

    1. The best thing is that it's totally natural so even the kids can use it with no worries :)


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