Saturday 21 April 2012

Thank the honeybees by helping Rowse plant 5,000 flowers!

Honey-makers Rowse are on a new mission to help save the bees and the best part is, you can get involved for absolutely free. Here's the message they emailed yesterday :


Hello there,

Honeybees make the yummiest, scrummiest natural fuel on the planet - honey of course! And to say thanks, we want to plant 5,000 bee-friendly flowers. But we need your help!
All you have to do is write a thank you note to the bees on our Facebook page, beginning with:
Thanks #busybees for...
We'll plant a flower with your message on it, and we’ll send you a photo so you can see and share!
So fly over to our Facebook page and thank the bees personally! 


Well, here's the message I just sent :

Thanks #busybees for... giving me a natural remedy for my sore throat *cough cough* Love Cheryl

Why is it that every time I start the school holidays, I always come down with a cold on day one ?!

And here's my lovely flower :


What about you ? What do you want to thank the honeybees for ?

They're up to 922 so far - let's see how long it takes them to get to their target of 5000.

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1 comment:

  1. I saw this on Facebook and think its a wonderful creative idea, love it!
    Agree that honey is great for sore throats, combined with fresh lemon and hot water , even a day off talking does the job for me!


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