Sunday 8 April 2012

So did the Easter bunny visit ? Or the bells from Rome ?

I was just chatting on twitter about Easter traditions. Here at The Madhouse, as in most British and American families, we have a visit from the Easter bunny who leaves eggs hidden all over the patio and inside the house. But most French families don't know much about the Easter bunny. For them, it's the bells ("les cloches") that bring the eggs !

The reason behind this tradition is that French church bells stop ringing on Good Friday as a sign of mourning. They are said to have gone to Rome and they come back (and start ringing again) on Easter Sunday, bringing the Easter chocolates with them. Whenever I ask what the bells are supposed to be doing in Rome, nobody actually seems to know ... which is why I stuck with the Easter bunny story !

Similarly, the Tooth Fairy doesn't exist in France. It's a little mouse ("La Petite Souris") who comes to take the teeth. Here at The Madhouse, the Tooth Fairy comes with her friend the Little Mouse - best of both worlds !!

What about you ? Do you have any different traditions for Easter or the Tooth Fairy ?

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  1. You can visit the website of the little mouse here :


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