Sunday 8 April 2012

Kids' app review : Waybuloo

The hit CBeebies show Waybuloo now has its very first official app and the Madhouse Mini-testers (all three of them, I might add !) were very excited when we received a code to try it out. I'm always really impressed with how well the TV programme characters and settings are reproduced on these types of apps and the Waybuloo one is no exception. Playing with the app is just like entering the TV and interacting with the real Waybuloo land and characters from the show.

The app contains five different games, which are all very simple but were hugely popular with the Madhouse Mini-testers. The first game is a simple hide and seek game where you have to find all the Piplings. What makes this version slightly original is the fact that you can rotate the landscape so it seems more 3-dimensional. The Piplings are all very easy to spot.

The next game is another hide and seek style of game. "Nok Tok is always building things and solving problems. Help him fix his follow box so he can drive the Piplings around Nara." His follow box has broken into pieces that are scattered around the garden. You need to find them (not hard at all) and click on them so that the Follow Box becomes whole again. Dead easy but this one had Pierre enthralled !

Time for a change ? Gardening-loving De Li has a lovely mini-game where you can plant pretty flowers and vegetables and watch them grow.

You can colour in some pictures with Lau Lau.

And you can make a total racket - oh sorry, I mean music - with Yojojo and his pipe, drums and Banjojo.

All of the mini-games are extremely simple and repetitive so I thought the kids would soon get bored and move on to a different app, but I'm surprised to say, they haven't so far.

star rating : 4/5

RRP : £1.99

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