Thursday 26 April 2012

Thanks to Willy Wonka for Juliette's party sweets !

Juliette's birthday was way back on the 14th February but that was in the midst of Dunkirk carnival season, then it was the school holidays, then we were ill, then on the weekend we finally could have done her party, one of her school friends beat us to it and had her party instead ! So it was only last week that we actually managed to get her party organised. This was actually perfect timing as the world famous Willy Wonka (or at least his PR person !) actually sent her a birthday card and a selection of exciting Wonka sweets to get the party off with a swing !

Before dishing them all out on plates and adding them to party bags, we had a good look at (and taste of !) what was on offer.

First of all were the Runts which we all loved. Each fruit shape has the appropriate fruity flavour so you could even say they're educational (*ahem*) !

The Rainbow Nerds are tiny but pack a real punch with their intense sourness and fruitiness.

Sophie came up with a brilliant word to describe the Sweet Tarts - "fizzylicious" ! Their "sweet tartness" is guaranteed to get you pulling faces when you eat them !

The Rainbow Nerds rope is a gummy rope covered in the Nerds I mentioned above and had Juliette's eyes coming out on stalks as she said "wow" !

The Original Spree sweets are highly coloured crunchy sweets.

But the Madhouse Mini-Testers' unanimous favourites were the Everlasting Gobstoppers that change taste and colour as you suck them (although they were a bit disappointed that they aren't really everlasting !). Fans of the film/book needn't worry - you only get delicious fruity flavours, nothing weird and wacky like the originals !

They are very very sweet and the label does warn you (in so many words) that some of the additives might send your kids a bit hyper so you wouldn't want to eat too many, but they had definite wow-factor at the party ! The fact that Sophie has been studying Charlie and the Chocolate Factory at school and that we recently received a Willy Wonka DVD package from Warner Brothers (that I told you about here) just made it all seem even more special !

star rating : 4/5

RRP : Wonka Rainbow Nerds Theatre Pack RRP £2.59, Wonka Gobstopper Theatre Pack  RRP £2.59, Wonka Runts Theatre Pack RRP £2.59, Wonka Sweetarts Theatre Pack RRP £2.59

Wonka Candy is available nationwide, including department stores and specialist stores.

Disclaimer : We received a package of Wonka sweets and a birthday card for Juliette but were not under any obligation to blog about them.

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  1. Wow remind me of being a kid! Smudger_26

  2. ooh runts, I used to love those, wonder where you can buy them from.

  3. I love all those sweets and haven't seen them for ages, I definitely need them to give me some energy, lol

  4. Haven't tried any of the sweets you described so eloquently. I bet some of them would be a big hit with my guys too. :)

  5. Never seen Runts but I remember Nerds VERY well... mmmm..... might have to go and buy some now :/ @pipersky1


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