Thursday 19 April 2012

Clearasil Daily Clear Vitamins & Extracts Cleansing Wipes review

When I was asked if I would like to receive some products from Clearasil to review, my initial reaction was to assume that they would be skin treatments designed to fight greasy teenage skin and combat spots, so I was pleasantly surprised when the first product I discovered turned out to be one that I could use myself.

Clearasil Daily Clear Vitamins & Extracts Cleansing Wipes are designed to be used as part of a daily cleansing routine to maintain clear skin. Containing apple extract and Vitamin B3, they promise to "gently cleanse to remove make up and impurities". Having read that, I used one to wipe over my whole face, including my eyes and lips to remove make up at the end of the day, and also to see if there was any stinging or discomfort on these particularly sensitive, delicate areas. Well, they didn't irritate my eyes at all but there was a slight prickly sensation in the area directly under my eyes, which didn't last for long. Reading all the small print on the label, it does say "Use every day in the morning and evening. Wipe over face and neck. Do not rinse off. Avoid contact with eyes and mouth." Hmm, maybe not so good for removing make up then if you need to avoid your mouth and eyes ?

Each wipe folds open to a fairly large size - bigger than my hand and slightly bigger than a baby's wet wipe - which actually made me think it was a bit of a waste and that I'd rather have a higher number of smaller wipes for my money. The wipes are lovely and refreshing and left my skin feeling really clean but slightly dried out so I definitely wanted to moisturise afterwards. If you have oily skin, they would be great at removing the greasiness. If I was wearing make up, I could see it coming off on the wipe. However, if I wasn't wearing make up, the wipe remained clean, unlike some "deep pore cleansing" products which show up the grime that they've removed from your skin when you use them.

One of the big problems with this kind of product is a resealable pack which doesn't seal properly so the wipes dry out and end up in the bin. The resealable part of this packaging works really well though so no worries there. It's a really convenient product for travel - no leaks and no problems putting it in your hand luggage on a plane - or just for saving time as part of your daily routine.

star rating : 4/5

RRP :  £3.49 for 25 wipes

Disclaimer : I received a packet of wipes to review (along with another Clearasil product that I'll tell you about in a separate review).

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