Monday 9 April 2012

Belvita Honey & Live Yogurt Crunch Breakfast Biscuits review

We all know that breakfast is reputed to be the most important meal of the day, but - even with the best of intentions - I just don't always have the time to grab anything more substantial than a quick glug of orange juice and, if I'm lucky, a banana or slice of brioche at the bus stop ! I was therefore very pleased when Belvita sent me through a breakfast kit, containing a stick of Kenco Millicano coffee, a Dole fruit pot and some of the new Honey & Live Yogurt Crunch Belvita Breakfast Biscuits.

As I said when I reviewed the Yogurt Crunch Belvita biscuits (here), they remind me a bit of less sweet custard creams, but these ones have a definite honey taste coming through as you chew. They're really convenient if you need a quick grab-and-run breakfast as you dash out of the house too because they come in little sachets, each containing two biscuits.

They are made with a blend of five wholegrains, are rich in cereals, provide a source of fibre and contain no colours of conservatives. Each 25.3g biscuit does contain 115 calories (or 3 WeightWatchers ProPoints) but according to our school nurse when she does her "the importance of breakfast" talk to the kids (followed by a free healthy breakfast in the school canteen), any calories that you take in for breakfast get used up by lunchtime and help boost your metabolism so that you're burning calories faster than if you didn't eat anything at all.

Three new variants of Belvita Breakfast were added to the range recently – Muesli, Forest Fruits and Honey & Live Yogurt Crunch.  Belvita say : "When eaten as part of a balanced  breakfast  - with a piece of fruit, natural yoghurt and a drink (as simple as an apple and a latte for example) – Belvita slowly releases carbohydrates over four hours to help keep you going all morning, giving you that much needed energy to run around like mums do!"

One thing is for sure - they are so convenient, I can stick one in my coat pocket the night before I know I have a busy day and I'll never have to have one of those "no time to eat anything" morning moments that tend to happen several times a week ! They are quite high in calories, so I wouldn't eat them every day, but if I'm in a rush, they're perfect.

star rating : 4/5

RRP : £2.49 for 5 x 2 biscuits

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  1. I have wondered about these but never tried them. I may well give them a go now

  2. I love the original breakfast bar they made very handy for travelling and not wanting to end up eating a junk snack. I like the sound of the Honey ones.

  3. I really like Belvita products, I am a regular consumer!

    1. Did you know that in France "Lu Petit Déjeuner" has become Belvita ? Same biscuits, different name, as the advert says !

  4. I love these biscuits and buy a couple of packets every week. I'm not really a breakfast person and they are perfect and easy to eat with a coffee mid morning. My teenage daughter loves them too which is a real plus.

  5. They're biscuits! Just because some marketing wizz has put the word breakfast in front doesn't mean that you should now eat biscuits for breakfast. There full or sugar and have near on zero nutritional value. Eat some real food.


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