Tuesday 17 April 2012

Weight Watchers Authentic Curry Pastes review

As I told you here, I've recently started trialling WeightWatchers Online, which is a very complete weight loss portal comprising advice, recipes, a forum and some fabulous tools allowing you to track your weight loss but also the number of points that you eat over the course of your day and week. I've been using it for about three weeks now and, as I jumped into this straight after a month's worth of Jenny Craig meals, I was slightly concerned that my weight would start to go back up after going back to normal home-cooked food, especially as four days a week, I eat at the school canteen so have very little control over what I eat.

Well, the first week, I only lost a couple of hundred grams. The second week I still only lost a couple of hundred grams but I was quite happy that I hadn't put any on. The third week I lost 1kg - although I think the tummy bug helped there !! It's definitely working though and the fabulous thing is, I can eat and drink anything I like - even chocolate and alcohol - as long as I work out the points value and don't exceed my daily allowance and weekly bonus allowance.

 Last night I decided to cook up a homemade curry using leftovers from Sunday lunch and some of the Weight Watchers curry paste that I received in my hamper of review goodies.

 I started off chopping up loads of point-free ingredients - carrots, red onion, mushrooms - which I cooked in a little water.

Tinned tomatoes are also zero points so I added some to get a lovely thick sauce and I emptied one of the little pods of "curry paste for meat" in too. Each tub of paste only contains 2 ProPoints (1 ProPoint per serving) so for the whole thing so far, my dinner contained one measly point !

As I was cooking for Madhouse Daddy Mike too, I added in some leftover cooked pork (because he always says "it's nice but there's something missing" if it hasn't got meat in it !) but I'd have been quite happy eating it as a veggie option, which would have been an extremely low point dinner. 

The curry paste has a lovely intense flavour which I was suprised at, as it's quite a small amount. I was also surprised to see that it doesn't give any indication of hotness - well, it's quite fiery when you add it to the pot, but once it's mixed in with the other ingredients and served with rice, it's what I'd call medium - just right for a family-friendly meal.

I've just been to check the price and the curry pastes cost £2.95 for a box of three pods. That certainly works out more expensive than most shop-bought curry pastes, but if you want the reassurance and convenience of knowing that you're only using one ProPoint per serving, they're ideal.

star rating : 4/5

RRP : £2.95 for 3 pods of curry paste

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  1. Great Idea for days I`m in a rush, Love knowing I`m not blowing my daily target just because I`ve got a lack of time to getr things right!

  2. It certainly looks tasty! A fab, convenient option for those trying hard to lose weight who still crave tasty and satisfying meals.

  3. these look great, doing weight watchers just now!


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