Thursday 12 April 2012

Nintendo 3DS launch Louvre Audioguide

As a mum of three but also a teacher of teens, I know that often you only have to mention the word "museum" to see kids' eyes glaze over. Give them an audioguide on a school trip and most of them will try to hide the fact that they've sneakily swapped the headphones for their mp3 player ! Well, Nintendo to the rescue. I was watching this on the French news last night. The Louvre has replaced its traditional audioguides by a Nintendo 3DS version, which is apparently a huge hit with visitors of all ages, not just the kids. The inbuilt GPS allows you to get the correct commentary for the exhibit you are looking at and you can even examine sculptures from all angles, including those that would usually be impossible, such as from below or above. If this can be extended to other museums and cultural attractions, I can see this being a fabulous way forward for getting the kids interested in learning and really enjoying what they often currently see as a chore.



  As part of an ongoing partnership between Nintendo Co., Ltd and the Louvre Museum in Paris, the most visited art museum in the world, Nintendo will be providing the Louvre with Nintendo 3DS™ systems that will house an exclusive audio guide. The Audio guide Louvre – Nintendo 3DS will become available in the Louvre for visitors to enjoy from 11th April 2012 onwards. With this partnership, Nintendo & the Louvre hope that visitors to the museum will be aided with a tool to deepen their knowledge of art culture in a fun and interactive way. 

Developers working at Nintendo Co., Ltd, based in Kyoto, Japan have developed the audio guide which is housed within the Nintendo 3DS system, in order to support the enjoyment and appreciation of the Louvre’s exhibits for many of the museum’s 8.9 million annual visitors. The audio guide will provide audio and visual tools which will help visitors to understand and deepen their knowledge of the artwork and exhibits in place.

Through utilising the unique functionalities of the Nintendo 3DS system including 3D images and animation, the guide includes an interactive map that allows visitors to see exactly where they are in the museum. It also offers over 700 commentaries on the works of art, providing a fresh perspective on the Louvre’s collections and the story behind the building itself. The versatile guide can be tailored to individual tastes and really brings the artwork to life, thanks to commentaries recorded by the museum’s curators and lecturers.

 Features of the Audioguide Louvre – Nintendo 3DS 

The self-guided tour 
 This includes over 700 audio commentaries and photos, many in high definition. With simple and engaging explanations, specialists from the Louvre give visitors background information to help them understand the works on display.

The essential works
 This is a selection of major works of art highlighted on the interactive map, to ensure visitors don't miss the museum’s most important pieces. Visitors can create their own itinerary through the museum to discover the pieces they want to see.

Tours to help discover the museum
 There is a choice of two themed tours, specially devised for those visiting the Louvre for the first time. Each tour lasts approximately 45 minutes:
 · “Masterpieces” tour – This tour allows visitors to discover or rediscover the museum’s most famous pieces such as the Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci, the Venus de Milo and the Winged Victory of Samothrace, guided step by step through some of the Louvre’s most prestigious rooms.
 · “Egypt for all the family” tour (coming soon) - Humorous and informative, this tour brings to life the Egyptian people and the area around the River Nile, the work of the peasants and craftsmen and the power of the pharaohs. Visitors are encouraged to observe in more detail and make sense of the objects on display. To test their knowledge they are quizzed with multimedia games throughout the visit.

Adapted tour (coming soon)
 Commentaries accessible to disabled visitors: the hearing impaired can access a video-guided tour in French sign language which focuses on the Louvre’s major works. Visitors with visual impairment are able to visit the special touch gallery.

Audio guide visits of the temporary exhibition
 Up until 25th June 2012, discover the mysterious secrets revealed in the exhibition “The Saint Anne, Leonardo da Vinci’s Ultimate Masterpiece”, with explanations by Vincent Delieuvin, head of the Louvre’s paintings department and curator of the exhibition.

An innovative location function
 Housed in a huge building, with collections spread over three wings and four floors, finding your way in the museum can be daunting for some visitors. With the support of Nintendo’s location estimation technology, you no longer have an excuse for getting lost in one of the world’s largest museums. The new audio guide allows visitors to see where they are at any moment on the museum map. With the dual screens of the Nintendo 3DS, you can visualise the main map of the floor you are on, and your exact position.

 3D without glasses
  Interactive animations, 3D models of major works, 3D images of the museum spaces… Perhaps you’d love to be able to see the back of the Winged Victory of Samothrace, but can’t get round the statue because it’s placed against a wall. With 3D technology, admire the works of art from every angle!

 HD photos
 Many high definition photos accompany the commentaries, helping you identify each object and access additional information. Use the HD zoom and see the rich detail of each piece: investigate the landscape behind the Mona Lisa, attempt to recognize the characters portrayed in The Consecration of the Emperor Napoleon (by Jacques-Louis David), and admire the architecture shown in The Wedding Feast at Cana (by Veronese).

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