Tuesday 17 December 2013

Holiday Inn invite you to play with your food !

I'm sure any parent will know that slight sinking feeling of walking into a hotel or restaurant and wondering if your kids are going to behave themselves or show you up ! Well, how refreshing to see this status on Holiday Inn's Facebook page today : "What do your kids enjoy most about staying in a hotel? Muddy feet welcome. Let the kids relax and be themselves on your next stay with us!" By clicking through on the link, I discovered a bit more about their family-friendly ethos : " Muddy feet, sticky fingers and greasy handprints are all in a day's work for us. In fact, we welcome them. Because at Holiday Inn, we do our best to make it easy for your whole family to relax and enjoy themselves, whether you're eating together in our friendly restaurant or splashing about in the pools we have in almost all of our hotels. Wherever you are, you'll find no stuffy staff and no annoying rules. Just a big smile, a warm welcome and a helping hand any time you need it - like our great kids stay and eat free offer. So make yourselves comfortable." They give a little list that made me smile : Pasta Splats Welcome, Fussy Eaters Welcome, Belly Flops Welcome, Smart Cookies Welcome.

It's not just words and a clever marketing campaign though. Holiday Inn have partnered up with London-based food futurologists The Robin Collective to create ‘Magical Mealtimes’ – a new menu of condiments which encourages the hotel’s younger diners to have some fun with their food. Helping parents in their battle to keep fidgeting children seated at the dinner table, whilst entertaining the kids themselves, the new experimental condiments will ensure that the whole family feels welcome and relaxed at Holiday Inn properties.

The playful food items range from parsley herb party poppers and roast dinner flavoured straws to chocolate spoons and ketchup piping bags, with bread sails to set sail across a sea of soup - all ensuring that children have a fun and enjoyable mealtime at Holiday Inn hotels.

The Madhouse Mini-testers (and me) are all laid up with a tummy bug at the moment so playing with their food is the last thing on their minds, but here's a video to show you what's on offer.

Once we're all feeling better, I'm looking forward to trying the kit out just as much as the kids ! They're available in selected Holiday Inns for a limited time so check before you book, to avoid disappointment.

Disclosure : We received a Magical Mealtimes kit, which we'll have a play with once we're back to feeling fighting fit !

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  1. hope you all feel better soon.....wonder if they welcome multiple food allergy children and cater for them???


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