Thursday 12 December 2013

#Christmascondiments : Celeriac Remoulade

Some vegetables are rather ugly blighters - this poor celeriac has been feeling rather unloved and sitting in the bottom of the fridge since we received it in our Applewood blogger challenge hamper of ingredients. I decided to feel sorry for it today and use it in not one but two different ways, one cooked and one raw.

The first dish was celeriac remoulade which makes a lovely change to coleslaw. You just need to grate the celeriac raw and add mayonnaise (plus added extras like chives, garlic or lemon juice, if you wish).

I used Hellmann's Mayonnaise with a pinch of Mustard from my #Christmascondiments hamper so it was just a case of grate, squirt and stir - couldn't be simpler !

Disclosure : I received a parcel of #Christmascondiments in order to take part in the Unilever Kitchen challenge.

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